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  • It could be that the differences have been streamlined in the past, or the difference may be minor enough that it doesn't matter in your case. It also could be that reputation has absolutely no bearing on the granting of peace or ROW outside of Elite AI games. In either case, you get the warning that "declaring war can harm your reputation" However when you do a surprise attack the newspaper report is: Quote: “10:19 pm War! Without warning, User1's troops opened fire on the unsuspecting soldiers…

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “I seriously doubt this. I'm an enthousiast capital farmer (attack an AI, take capital but nothing else, offer RoW, wait till he rebuilds capital, repeat) and often do this 3 or 4 times to the same country. I never noticed any delay in them accepting the RoW. ” Do you declare war or make surprise attacks? Quote from T-3PO: “It's a ten player map tho. ” Rare to get ROW from the ai before day 8 in my experience.

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “I'd support moving forward the "carrier-based-tac-day" to day 20, or if it is problematic because the tac research schedule itself cannot be changed, even to day 16. ” I have found that in the 100 player maps that it is easy to have your continent secured within your coalition by day 18 or so, and then there is a lull for a week while preparing the carriers and planes for an intercontinental invasion. It sort of drags the game down a bit. If tacs became carrier capable…

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “We all want more unit diversity, and more usage of exotic types (rocket fighter, tank destroyer, anyone?) but it is the research system which keeps us from doing it... ” I agree. Perhaps Freezy can consider this in the next round of balancing changes.

  • Yes, and when it loads make sure you get the "login" button, not the "play" button which makes a new account

  • I agree. I only ever researched a higher level once, but it does not fit into the already busy research schedule with the cost being 4500 rares. I think if the cost was 1500 rares for level 2, and increasing 500 rares for each level that it would be more affordable. Also I think that a 12 hour research time would be more affordable as well. As the research slots are very valuable there is much more value in researching a higher level of planes to be fastest, followed by higher levels of artiller…

  • Hmm, I guess this is the thing I get to learn today Always more to learn about this game.

  • A surprise attack will cause the AI to trust you less, leading to a reduction in your popularity among all the AI countries. In a regular game such a reduced popularity score will not matter much, except for the AI will be slower to grand you right of way when you give them Right of Way. In an Elite AI game the lower your popularity or higher you score on the most dangerous list, the more likely the AI will be to declare war on you as a pre-emptive measure

  • Quote from S Schmidt: “I am just going to point out that a nation can no longer be in a coalition once a player goes inactive. ” This is true, but it seems from my reading that Germany was active, and likely a member of a coalition, while Poland was inactive. Team games do not have the core provinces return to the original owner feature as far as I know.

  • As Roko said above: If the province was a core province of Germany, then it would revert to Germany when it was "liberated" by a coalition member under an automatic treaty between the two parties. There is also an error in the newspaper reporting that occurs in the case where Germany recaptures their own core province while in a coalition. This will be reported as a treaty when it was not.

  • Welcome Back! Changes: Coalitions can win with 80% of the victory points Larger maps are system generated. When one fills up another is opened. This leads to more full and active maps, with less chance of a map being a "dud" as they used to be. Home Defense: Anywhere in your core provinces your units get BOTH a 15% increase in strength and a 15% reduction in damage taken when attacked. Core provinces are returned automatically to their original owner when liberated by a coalition member. Several…

  • Quote from EZ Dolittle: “When targeting ground units does the terrain they are in affect the defense against air attacks, ” Yes it does. The strength increase or decrease affects defensive as well as offensive stats Quote from EZ Dolittle: “Also what about fortifications do they modify air combat? ” Units that are within forts at also protected from the air. The fort absorbs a percentage of the attack. So a fort with a strength of 50 means that half of the attack you do will reach the units insi…

  • Because these are official tournaments, and as such there are rules of fair play.

  • As Lawrence said above, move the game to your archive folder so you don't have to look at it if that is your wish. Games that have been completed are available for 14 days after completion if you wish to review the game, and then the game is deleted from the server, never to be seen again.

  • Quote from Niyaps: “have also only ever seen solo wins or coalition wins listen on other player's records ” Those are the only statistics that are currently displayed.

  • Quote from David Soutter: “I am very unhappy with your answer. It is clear that the problem must be in the system that currently runs the game / games that I was involved in. There cannot be any other solution unless I am missing something. I have therefore checked how much I have spent in the 4/5 years enjoying. Had I understood that this money would now be wasted I would never have played I have climbed up the rankings and reached around 6000. This has cost me the best part of £1000 plus and i…

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    I believe that feature is coming soon. Quite soon as there is a button for it already on the app that appears to do nothing yet. Your friend can switch his mobile browser to desktop mode, and change servers and join a game that way. Once the game is joined it is easily accessed from the mobile mode To switch to desktop, click the menu in the lower right, then the settings gear, and scroll down for the switch to desktop button.…3e42ee8c22032d2f602f1b627 forum.callof…

  • App bug text

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    Thanks. I had someone describe this issue recently, but the pictures are very helpful. Appears to be an issue with the latest iOS version.

  • Nuclear bombers do no damage on patrol, it is just for reconnaissance of the target, or to have them ready near to the target waiting for the right moment to strike. They will take damage while on patrol, so can be shot down if you aren't careful.

  • How do you usually switch between apps on your android? Like my iPhone I just double click the home button and I can scroll through all the open apps, closing or selecting any of them. Does our app block that function on your device? If so, please let me know: Device name, like iphone 6 Operating system, like 10.3.3 App version, which is in white letters in the upper right corner of the game selection screen, like v4.p I don't believe that the option to delete diplomacy messages has been impleme…