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  • Diabolical. I love what you posted that is something I could never say in words like that. Thank you for posting what I and many more have been mad about so well and easy to understand


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    ok i was just playing the Antarctica map 19 hrs left till victory ALLIED with a buddy and all of a sudden a man who has spent more than 50,000 gold (the amount you would win) and beat us i mean he made rocket fighters in thin air i just today checked and he has 455 TROOPS, AND has 51 tactical bombers i mean day 3 he had 10 fighters (my buddy's spies). My point is is that it is absolutely ridiculous that you can use that much gold i understand that is how they get their money but come on i am pre…

  • research station

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    i think it would be a good idea to have research station maybe they can go up to lvl 3 and they would be expensive to build and require 1000 money a day and maybe lvl1 reduces amount of time research takes by 5% lvl2 requires 2000$ a day and reduces research time by 10% lvl3 require 3000$ a day and reduces research time by 20% that way people are not sitting for 3 days for a rocket going on their computer screen

  • suggestions

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    I like what you guys did with the next gen screen update but I do ask that you guys please add back disembarking and embarking time i saw it was gone almost instantly and now its hard to plan attacks. Another thing i would love to see kinda like how when yo scroll over your unit as he disembarking you can see how long it will take that would be nice in mountain areas Can spies also get an update? They have much more waiting for them what i wish is that i can have the spies go in opposing regimen…

  • oh ok idnk that thanks

  • Nm i finish it before time ran out i was just confused why its does not end at the end of Oct.

  • it does not make sense why is shutting down on the 18th on 8:59? That's not even close to the end of October

  • thx guys

  • Quote from Nooberium: “When I was new, I tried to be the clever player learning a lot from reading the forum. Putting that info into practice was not so easy, though. Only by battling better players did I really learn anything worthwhile. Defeat is a great teacher. Quote from Restrisiko: “The rank (level) of a player doesn't have significance about his ability or knowledge. ” This is true. Player stats give a better indication of ability. Rank is an indication of the amount of a player's experie…

  • OH he meant other games then never mind no

  • Quote from Restrisiko: “Quote from kidgamerboy: “yeah but the problem is that how does a new player know to do that? Unless you have a friend who has played before .. ” This is a good and practical answer to your own suggestion, because if you would do this ..Zitat kidgamerboy: "So I was hoping that the dev. team will see this and make a server that contains people lvl 10 or under (or something like that) .." .. how and from whom should the new players learn then if they just stay among themselv…

  • Quote from Little Racoon: “Um, just saying, your diplomacy can save your life. You basically team up with a more experienced player, so you yourself can gain more experience in the game and have a higher chance to win. This is not the devs problem, it is simply the rookies not getting what to do in the beginning. Learn, my friends. My first game wasn't smooth either. I only got one non core and lost venice (I was Italy). However, I did team up with experienced people and managed to last a while …

  • there is a HUGE problem i have noticed when it comes to new games for rookies, they have no chance! when I first joined after 5 days I was defeated by a player who was a higher level compared to me. So I was hoping that the dev. team will see this and make a server that contains people lvl 10 or under (or something like that) and the same map but for higher people if so new people wont feel like this: Oh yeah and the new update made things worse too with no lvl limit to the tutorial.