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  • Well its not really a balancing issue, it is inherent in the research system. It might be solved by changing the unit-specific research to "branches" research (infantry, armor, air, navy, secret) but that's probably a bridge too far for Bytro.

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “Quote from K.Rokossovski: “I seriously doubt this. I'm an enthousiast capital farmer (attack an AI, take capital but nothing else, offer RoW, wait till he rebuilds capital, repeat) and often do this 3 or 4 times to the same country. I never noticed any delay in them accepting the RoW. ” Do you declare war or make surprise attacks? ” Both, and I never found a difference between them. It would be kinda odd for there to be a difference between selecting "Swords" in diplomacy …

  • Change your language to English?

  • Quote from Maximilianvs: “ And you can't trust in anybody (with a few exceptions), because most players break NAPs. ” Heh... I wonder who gave that example...?

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “ The current system benefits those who produce only 2 kinds of planes, one kind of armored unit, and a couple of naval units, and reduces the benefits of having all of the awesome units available that nobody ever uses. ” Actually this is a very interesting point... extending it a bit, it is the research system which forces us into the tac-LT strategy. Lack of research slots makes it attractive to become a monoculture, building less unit types, and more of the (few) unit ty…

  • Completely agree, reserach times are just plain ridiculous. I never researched a single level of transport. These should be a 4-8 hour research, for no more than 1,000 rares.

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “ In a regular game such a reduced popularity score will not matter much, except for the AI will be slower to grand you right of way when you give them Right of Way. ” I seriously doubt this. I'm an enthousiast capital farmer (attack an AI, take capital but nothing else, offer RoW, wait till he rebuilds capital, repeat) and often do this 3 or 4 times to the same country. I never noticed any delay in them accepting the RoW.

  • Well, I don't agree that they are too expensive. I research carriers whenever I play a 100p map and I'm NOT playing some inland Asian country. And then, use them with great success, also because my enemies do NOT build them. Maybe because they THINK it is too expensive? Having said that, I think the day where tacs can be based on them could be moved forward a bit. Usually around day 20 continents are more or less secured, but you have to wait until day 26 (=day 24 plus tac-4 research) to use the…

  • Hey guys, the German team is understaffed... I know several of the international registrations are "really" German speakers; maybe you should consider switching to the German team? It would be good if we had more-or-less equal amounts of players for all teams!

  • You are right, AI's don't accept trades in principle. There are some exceptions and special cases, please consider if any of these may have been at work here: - When both players are in the same team or coalition, player B conquering a core province of player A automatically leads to a province transfer to player A; - A player who has gone inactive can still log into the game. If he immediatly logs off again, his status remains inactive; if he performs any action (like, moving a unit, starting a…

  • It isn't circular. For example, when you study the "circle" for aeroplane range closely, you'll notice it isn't really a circle but an oval.

  • Questions and Answer

    K.Rokossovski - - The Dirty Dozen


    Some remarks: Quote: “ Diplomacy is allowed and desired with both types. The communication should basically be done within the game and not via other media. (Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) → see 5. honor rule ” This is an honorable incentive, which gets message spying back into the game. However, it is not mentioned again in section 5. I'm also afraid that it will be very hard to enforce, and will be prone to violation. Teams will NO DOUBT accuse other teams of violating it (by no other evidence than ru…

  • Exactly; this would be an issue with grave consequences and, to be frank, it isn't worth the effort for a small visual problem (after all, the actual unit being produced DOES figure out the best path for itself).

  • You would need even more... even two land units can take different routes... for example, tank units will do their best even MORE than infantry to avoid mountains...


    K.Rokossovski - - Suggestions / Criticism


    This has been suggested many times before - BOTH pay-to-win and pay-to-play versions of the game. Nonetheless, the company's management has chosen not to implement this. It is their game, and they're free on the business model they want to apply to it, no matter what we, the community of mere mortals, think about that. They have their reasons, even if they are beyond our comprehension; and the company is prospering, so they are probably right, as well. Even if it is unfair from a gameplay perspe…

  • Questions and Answer

    K.Rokossovski - - The Dirty Dozen


    I suppose many players will share their ID with people they already know, anyway. Is this in any way disallowed or discouraged? In what way is score calculated, all individual players of a team will simply recieve the same score in a particular round?

  • Trench warfare

    K.Rokossovski - - Suggestions / Criticism


    This is represented in the game in two ways: - For units which can actually entrench, defensive value is higher than offensive value. This represents simple defensive positions (mostly foxholes), and is unavailable for most mobile units (off=def value); - For complex fortifications, it is possible to build forts (which represent bukners, pillboxes, etc). Obviously, these take more time to construct, but all units benefit from them.

  • Aye. In fact, the unit being fired upon doesn't "shoot back", it just takes the damage of the incoming artillery (and the attacker never takes damage in his OWN round, only if the defender fires back at him in HIS round, in which case the whole scenario just reverses). Damage of that is determined by the attack stat of the firer, and various attributes of defender (hit points, terrain, fort, etc), but NOT defensive stat. Defensive stat is only used in melee combat.

  • Thank you for your report. This is a known issue and is currently being worked on by the developers. We do understand your frustration. Bugs can be difficult to correct, but please know we are doing or best to make the game bug free. We call this bug the Bermuda Triangle, even though it is in the pacific. It has to do with the map seam. Units within the map seam may not be clickable. PS: Workaround: The units can be selected by cycling through the units with the left and right arrow keys until t…

  • Quote from Edepedable: “ The Netherlands as a country played absolutely no significant role during the second world war. On top of that, its military also did not do anything worth mentioning during the second world war. ” While this is true for European Netherlands, the role of it's colony, Nederlands Indië (the Dutch East Indies, present-day Indonesia) was not completely negligible. In fact, Japan declared war on the USA mainly for the oil reserves there, and the fact that the USA would never …