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  • Our Alliance is looking at a possible 2x2 challenge on the Medit. Scenario. There would be two games with each alliance playing opposite sides in both games. anyone interested... contact me via private email. or BattleIvan

  • Generally in the larger games 22+ it take about a week to get your first RoW and by day 20 you should have most. Not sure about the elite AI though.

  • I never do a surprise attack intentionally on either players or AI countries. I want to be able to secure Right of Way with the AI countries as it makes it easier to move through them or to take them over . Even when I get a Right of Way *RoW with an AI country I always go through the process of going to peace first, counting to 10 and then declaring war.

  • Does the play of forts apply in all this? Is there time to build the counter offense that you speak about? Is it assumed that the entire German army is going at Poland and there is nothing elsewhere?

  • Leader Unit

    EZ Dolittle - - Suggestions / Criticism


    In the third variant of this design: Clash of Nations, they have leader units, (as well

  • When targeting ground units does the terrain they are in affect the defense against air attacks, example Tanks are +50 in grassland/plains and minus in cities. Is the attack on them harder in the open than in a city>? Also what about fortifications do they modify air combat?

  • Is distance from capital an absolute as crows fly sort of measure or does it take into account the different speeds that infrastructure allows, so connected by class 3 infrastructure would be "closer" than without it???

  • You are incorrect in thinking that the Free French do not have oil it is in Syria and it is 2024 a day, thus the argument remains as stated: the UK is the only country without a source of Rares and all other countries have complete range of resources. Quote from Edepedable: “Thats the 4p map. Uk has no rares, France has no oil and so on. You have to work together very closely to do well. Also, the entire map is very small scale, you probably won't be commanding an army consisting of more than 2 …

  • AT the start of the game three of the powers have Rares in their starting country EXCEPT for the UK, this puts a tremendous burden on the UK since all research requires Rares. There are also no rares near by in AI countries. This should be adjusted so that the four countries are at least reasonably balanced economically. If you agree please post here so we can have the game designers make this change.

  • Your date is 18,000 years off...

  • Surrender Button

    EZ Dolittle - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Quote from BattleIvan: “Can we please have a ''I surrender button"? I would like the option to Surrender in a game = quit the game, but allow you to give your provinces/units to:- a. back to computer control (become a computer player); ” I like the idea of an immediate switch to the AI. Not sure about the others since I have seen something similar used in the Free For All game where half of America was given over to another player and totally altered the dynamics of the game.

  • Two Queues

    EZ Dolittle - - Suggestions / Criticism


    I like the display idea of two queues

  • The event of a Golden Parachute or Crate comes generally in an adjacent different player held province. The apparent design thought is to encourage players to attack each other. In fact the opposite has happened as I have seen it in reality. What happens is that the player seeing the event contacts the host player and asks for permission to do a flash war wherein he moves a unit into the province but not at the center, then makes sure the other player is out of the way, declares war, captured th…

  • Part of the whole greater issue is what do you want from the Player League. By having a focus on a multigame scoring system with some prestige or whatever added to the rankings, it means that players can enter a game with a target on their back and have no in game arguments that could counter the argument of : "You are ahead of me in the score so I must attack you and tear you down." (a very European Balance of Power mentality culturally). If on the other hand you want to see games with good pla…

  • Rules should reflect the reality of the game play. When they restricted Right of Way players responded with Flash Wars and stockpiling of peace offerings. When they restricted Shared Maps, players took screen shots and shared them on Discord. When they restricted alliances, players made them informally and in many ways those were better than the formal in game ones. When they eliminated Coalitions it had no effect on players forming groups. Now to avoid abuse later in the game, what was suggeste…

  • The enemy has a force of 5 Artillery and assorted other units. three friendly forces with Artillery move up to within range. What happens: Does the defender fire back at all three of the attackers in which case the defender is multiplied by the number of attackers. OR does the defender fire once at a group and then waits while that target and itself way the 15minutes or so time out and what happens to the other 2 groups of friendly forces?

  • What is the purpose of the ranking? What skill do you want to reward: Victory Points, Largest Army, Most research, etc> Largest land mass? do you want to encourage people to jump on those that are higher rank themselves do you want to encourage cross game alliances and cliques? do you want to reward those that do not drop out and play to the bitter end? Running an anonymous game would cause some differences in style except I would expect players would quickly reveal themselves to their friends o…

  • Am I missing something obvious or is there no way to form a coalition> Was it disabled or delayed or overlooked?

  • OK count me in again. Like some of the revised rules...

  • Title says it all