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  • Quote from Pstomar: “Units in combat don't heal. ” Combat could have ended before day change. Quote from Pstomar: “I thought you'd know that stuff cuz you are "Game Operator" Lololol ” There is no need for insults. You are expected to be polite in all forum posts.

  • There is a difference in how they work, depending on if you are in the original renderer or the enhanced webGL renderer. In the webGL enhanced graphics render the province labels button is in the settings menu. Note that they will only display when zoomed in, and will vanish when you zoom out to reduce clutter.…32c50833dcb2f1575d1fa069d In the original renderer the province names are also tied to the resource display layer. So you can toggle the "display resources"…

  • Command times

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    That is an interesting idea. It would minimize some of the micromanagement, which would of course annoy the players that micromanage. I am not sure I could handle watching my units get smashed because the countdown timer still had 1 second to go.

  • Yes, although it is a little more than that in the complex explanation.

  • Quote from T-3PO: “ten player map ” Quote from T-3PO: “I haven't built and industrial complex ” The ten player map moves way too fast to need to build additional industrial complexes, or even any infrastructure anywhere except your core cities. Expand and conquer land and the game will be over before you know it. Usually takes 10 days for a 5v5 on that map. Quote from T-3PO: “Why are there offers for like 300 rare materials? ” Because you are buying in most cases from the minor AI, and they have…

  • Short answer: In every battle there is an X-factor that means an attack might do from zero to 100 percent of the listed damage. This is in addition to the effects of terrain, forts, and home defense. Long answer:

  • Quote from Marat666: “Is there something wrong with that? ” What you have described is within the rules, which is primarily this: Quote from Dr. Leipreachán: “It is forbidden to join a game just to give another country an excessive advantage or to damage another player/country ” So if the other player had joined with the intention of helping you to win and gave you his resources, then that would violate the rule. As it appears that the other player joined and has played the game and tried to win…

  • Frontline pioneer games will still count towards your statistics like any other game. To count towards your statistics a game must be Ranked, and only actions against active players or elite AI count.

  • The point totals are only calculated at day change, when the new issue of the newspaper comes out.

  • Hot Winter Update

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    Quote from Soviet-boi: “I love the new graphics and especially the new loading screen. The one complaint is there’s a white screen where the keyboard is after you send a message on iOS ” Which iOS version are you running? such as 12.0.1

  • Quote from Kanaris: “Its not hard at all to assuage the R&D bottleneck and provide more unit diversity. As I have proposed before simply allow for additional research slots to be opened up as the nation is growing. Once a nation has attained x amount of victory points a 3rd research slot should be opened. Later on when it has accumulated a lot more VPs open a 4th slot. Devs can use this simple method to control the research pace on a per map/scenario basis and it doesnt require reworking the exi…

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “Well its not really a balancing issue, it is inherent in the research system. It might be solved by changing the unit-specific research to "branches" research (infantry, armor, air, navy, secret) but that's probably a bridge too far for Bytro. ” I think changing the way that the research system works is beyond the time and resources available, however, the "balancing" changes each year have to do with editing simple data about unit stats. I believe that an edit to some…

  • It could be that the differences have been streamlined in the past, or the difference may be minor enough that it doesn't matter in your case. It also could be that reputation has absolutely no bearing on the granting of peace or ROW outside of Elite AI games. In either case, you get the warning that "declaring war can harm your reputation" However when you do a surprise attack the newspaper report is: Quote: “10:19 pm War! Without warning, User1's troops opened fire on the unsuspecting soldiers…

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “I seriously doubt this. I'm an enthousiast capital farmer (attack an AI, take capital but nothing else, offer RoW, wait till he rebuilds capital, repeat) and often do this 3 or 4 times to the same country. I never noticed any delay in them accepting the RoW. ” Do you declare war or make surprise attacks? Quote from T-3PO: “It's a ten player map tho. ” Rare to get ROW from the ai before day 8 in my experience.

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “I'd support moving forward the "carrier-based-tac-day" to day 20, or if it is problematic because the tac research schedule itself cannot be changed, even to day 16. ” I have found that in the 100 player maps that it is easy to have your continent secured within your coalition by day 18 or so, and then there is a lull for a week while preparing the carriers and planes for an intercontinental invasion. It sort of drags the game down a bit. If tacs became carrier capable…

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “We all want more unit diversity, and more usage of exotic types (rocket fighter, tank destroyer, anyone?) but it is the research system which keeps us from doing it... ” I agree. Perhaps Freezy can consider this in the next round of balancing changes.

  • Yes, and when it loads make sure you get the "login" button, not the "play" button which makes a new account

  • I agree. I only ever researched a higher level once, but it does not fit into the already busy research schedule with the cost being 4500 rares. I think if the cost was 1500 rares for level 2, and increasing 500 rares for each level that it would be more affordable. Also I think that a 12 hour research time would be more affordable as well. As the research slots are very valuable there is much more value in researching a higher level of planes to be fastest, followed by higher levels of artiller…

  • Hmm, I guess this is the thing I get to learn today Always more to learn about this game.

  • A surprise attack will cause the AI to trust you less, leading to a reduction in your popularity among all the AI countries. In a regular game such a reduced popularity score will not matter much, except for the AI will be slower to grand you right of way when you give them Right of Way. In an Elite AI game the lower your popularity or higher you score on the most dangerous list, the more likely the AI will be to declare war on you as a pre-emptive measure