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  • Quote from JCS Darragh: “So, I have a question for all of you; Why or why do you NOT want paratrooper units? .. ” I like them -- but as everybody knows who has at least halfway understood the basic gameplay mechanics of CoW it is obvious that paratroopers unfortunately can not be implemented -- at least not in their typical use, unless you want create and play a different game as the original CoW. For this reason I'm against paratroopers here at CoW, because I like CoW as it is with its game bas…

  •…674d122362a81a5ce5e252632 Recently conquered province, ongoing production, but a not production capable building .. .. in such cases, production times are extended in time and mixed with hypothetical repair time, projected resource availability, current outside temperature, arrival of the next space shuttle, as well as shoe size and average online time of the player .. PS, don't forget to stop the production in order to gain the remaining resources

  • Quote from BattleIvan: “.. please confirm for me - back in 2016 in CoW was Oil production/consumption as difficult as it is now? .. ” I played this game in 2015 already, and I have to say yes, it used to be more difficult, and therefore the game was better in the beginning because there was a bigger challenge.smilie_girl_148.gif Quote from BattleIvan: “.. No point in suggesting improvements as if it was a good suggestion Bytro would of thought of it already, and as they have not then you must be…

  • Very nice .. ..and then each newbie or inexperienced player is building tanks and planes and whatever needs oil as much as it allows his current oil income and looks forward to the war -- and then, if he wants to roll to war with all his vehicles the wheels stand still after short time, because the consumption was befor measured on standing vehicles -- evil trap .. .. and at oil shortage the big calculation begins: "If I drive with these tanks for half an hour and then make a break for two hours…

  • .. and what else should be noted: >> If a nuclear rocket is fired at a land target and the target moves out of the target point, the nuke (like normal rockets) hits the point where the target was when the missile was launched, detonates there and causes damage within the 50km radius .. smilie_girl_130.gif >> If a nuclear rocket is fired at a sea target and the target moves out of the target point, then the rocket hits the water -- and sinks with a silent plop, without detonating and causing dama…

  • We remember >> CoW is not a simulation but works as a simplified (animated) board game.. ..seen that way it makes sense that the upkeep of the units is calculated as a flat rate and not as a function of consumption - conversely, it is equally okay that units do not become directly inoperative here if daily upkeep is not sufficiently available; only their automatic regeneration is reduced / suspended accordingly then.

  • Attacked AI automatically starts counter attacks. Some units immediately, others later. In this case rocket/s who survived the plane attack will doubtless have launched a direct counter-attack and have exploded in their own attack, but not because they were hitted by the planes. And I guess in the World-Herald it would stated that his planes were destroyed by the enemy rockets. Same happens on the ground, as I have noted in several attempts -- when you attack in an enemy city not the defending a…

  • Retreat

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    Restrisikos night thoughts about retreat .. For various reasons retreat may not exist here in the game -- remember, it's not a simulation or a shooter, but a real-time long term strategy (board) game where not all players are always at the gaming table at the same time in order to respond to sudden actions. A retreat option would not only completely change the combat system but will lead the game as a whole (again) a little further away from the original strategic (thinking) game in the directio…

  • Quote from Captain Caveman: “I've a query with regards to The World's Mightiest Army entries/listings in the Newspaper/Daily Herald - how does the game work out that % please? Is it based on total units or the strength value or....? ” Click here and read more >> << (

  • Quote from Pstomar: “Quote from MadMike69: “It is also possible that the armoured car got to repair/heal some at daychange being on its own province. ” Units in combat don't heal.I thought you'd know that stuff cuz you are "Game Operator" Lololol .. ” Of course units heal in close combat if they are on their own territory at day change (and warships, as usual, heal everywhere at sea, even in melee). Only the healing with gold is never possible in melee. >> Details about units regeneration <<

  • Army size

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    >> <<

  • Render engine question

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    Quote from dirge: “.. Beside I like the old one aesthetically. .. ” smilie_girl_307.gif

  • Technology advancements

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    Quote from Marat666: “Quote from pekkasteele: “I REALLY hope you will bring back the option to have the old graphic renderer, this new one is bad ” We still have that option, if I'm not mistaken. ” Yes, but it is intended to disable this option, which is very deploreable. For me the new comic style graphics was a main reason to finish my last map and not join any new one.

  • Quote from Mike hill: “.. I have 1 more question then. If a base has a grounded plane and I go to attack the base/province, will my ground troops - infantry and tanks be able to attack the plane? ” Quote from Little Racoon: “Yes, since when planes are grounded, they count as infantry class. And that's how you wreck those planes without suffering one single casualty. ” Supplement .. -- .. respectively as was described in post 11 .. If there are no defending ground forces, the province is captured…

  • Moral gain and gold -

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    Quote from Mike hill: “So when when you say own province to get the 15% heal does that mean even provinces you have captured? ” Yes, as you can also read here (click) >> <<

  • HORRABLE quitters,coiners

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    Yeah .. -- and it's a shame as well that some are not brave enough to publish their complaints under their proper ingame-name but use a pseudonym instead. Quote from kasiakate: “.. please delete my account .. .. ” Step…674d122362a81a5ce5e252632Step 2:…674d122362a81a5ce5e252632smilie_girl_157.gif

  • Quote from General YeeYee: “Quote from Mike hill: “thanks I read that guide and got confused. So how much attack does an as gun return on an aircraft because it's stats don't have a value. This is why I'm wondering whether it's worth building them ” it's stats DO have a value. it does not have an offensive stat value because it is a defensive unit. it will return fire when an aircraft attacks it or patrols around the area. ” Basically correct, but as sayed, all units, not just AA, have more or l…

  • Quote from SLimbad: “I already spied, do I have to keep spying and patrolling? ” Spies work only once a day at the change of the day and are not always successful, but reconnaissance by planes will always successful and displayed immediately. (However, gold spies working immediately and are always successful) Something to read about that (click) >> << (Hidden Content) superhero2.gif

  • Quote from Quelctz: “.. i was find you alliance but if click nothing happen sir. ithink is a bug ” Yes, call the profile of an alliance via the alliance list is actual again not working -- and it works not since a longer time now. But you can go the indirect way via a members………674d122362a81a5ce5e252632

  • Quote from SLimbad: “issue1.jpg Is this a client issue? I gave the game up as it was the second day and couldn't see enemy unit types or the counts. I'm using Mozilla on Winblows 10. ” Fortifications of level 3.5 or higher hide the defending units in there, even if you are in melee whith them. Only patrolling planes (and spies) can provide a reconnaissance image of the enemys in such forts. Quote from SLimbad: “I'm also getting territories appearing twice in the list! issue2.jpg ” The game has n…