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  • best strategies for attack

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    The best way to approach your goals is to maximize the use of ranged attack units such as air, artillery, even railroad guns. The goal is to get "free shots" on your enemies and take little or no damage in return. That means avoiding direct or "melee" battles if you possibly can.

  • I sent an air wing to patrol at the edge of its range to reach a target barely in the patrol circle. Planes arrived at the destination and instead of patrolling acted like they were on direct attack and immediatly returned to base and refueled. Although there were no enemies within the range circle to attack I thought perhaps I did something by mistake and sent the air wing back to patrol at the same location. Once again they arrived and immediatly turned around to return to base and refuel. Sen…

  • Nice job Mark - impressive!

  • Hot Winter Update

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    I'm noticing that the coalition list is now scrollable on the mobile version - thank you! Web GL still very sluggish on my old-ish tablet (Samsung Tab A) but turn it off and its fine. Overall update is looking really nice. Good job Bytro!

  • Having no gold confirmation button is indefensible! But try to add a spy or launch a rocket. You'll have to confim that. Subject has been beat to death and bytro is losing long time players over it.

  • if you are using the desktop version then the game info section of the newspaper should give you the needed vp for a solo or coalition win - every map type has different requirements. It is calculated at daychange. So, if you are 10 vp short of victory and capture a province worth 12 just before daychange then you should win - unless you have a rebellion! Also if you are handy with math - most maps solo victory is at 60% of map vp, coalition victory is at 80%. If you know solo victory is 3300 vp…

  • what is peace for suceava

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    someone is making a trade with you... they want a province - suceava - in exchange for keeping or returning to a peaceful relationship

  • Quote from patriota75: “I am not sure, but I think you do not benefit from friendly fortifications. I can not check it now, but while I was playing I looked in units panel and I saw 0% protection while they were in center of province with fortification. ” And ... keep in mind that unless the host country has units in the province center, as soon as a combat unit not friendly to the host country gets to the province center the province will be taken by that country - even with your forces in it. …

  • Quote from Pavilx: “That doesn't seem like a great use for them, there has got to be better uses. Though they do have decent HP. ” It is a 30HP damage soaker while still attacking combat units. Lvl 2 strat does 2/1 damage to unarmored/armored units, similar to a lvl 1 tac (3/1). However, they are ssslllooowww and force you to build lvl 3 airfield. I look at them as a luxury research item if I'm not gonna go nuclear.

  • 1 ... maybe 2, but rarely.

  • I like this suggestion. The WH can be a great source of intel. 50+ can be called a Doomstack

  • Sounds like self propelled artillery - available day 16.

  • I just don't get the point of the historical maps. It seems like it is all about country selection. Sure, even on the balanced maps geographic location or an advantage of one resource over another may make one counrtry more desireable over another. But the hisorical maps make it difficult for one of the lesser countries to catch up with the major powers - and maybe that's the appeal for some who approach it as a challenge.

  • The frequent "Join Another Round" popups and "Join Now" button that launches you into a new and perhaps truly unwanted game do not help this situation.

  • Yes, when aircraft are on patrol over (1/4 offensive damage at every 15 min 'tick') or on direct attack against Anti-Air units, or any unit that has an air defensive value, the units will "return fire" using their air defensive values. Closely related - here is a link to a great guide on air combat. Air Combat Guide

  • Scorched Earth

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    Quote from Tibbles: “It's easy to run out of food during an invasion especially because you acquire a lot of damaged Barracks'. You need lots of food to repair them, and you CANNOT SHUT OFF damaged Barracks'. ” This is true on the mobile client ... that a greater than level 1 damaged barracks (or naval base) can not be turned off. Not sure about the app, I don't use it. But you can shut off damaged barracks on the desktop client. You can switch back and forth between mobile and desktop client in…

  • "Hmm.., have you an explain for how and why it often happens to you that you "accidentally" don't hit the right keys?smilie_hops_030.gif" The last time I explained in this section of the forum exactly how it happens the thread was deleted and I received a warning. To not have some confirmation mechanism is indefensible.

  • Balancing Changes

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    Quote from Quasi-duck: “I wash my hands of this forum for now, the game used to be fun playing by myself and the forums were a happy place. .... I am sad to see what it has become. ” It seems your sentiments are shared by several others.

  • Timing a Rocket Attack

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    Experience, timing and a little luck - see forum thread link below. Rockets Thread

  • Patrol area

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    Air stacks use the largest patrol area and the shortest range of the units in the stack.