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  • You should have more aircraft than your opponent and maintain air supremacy at all times. That's the thing you should watch out for.

  • We are planning to arrange a 100 player world map challenge. We are looking for as many alliance as possible to challenge in that map. More alliances = more fun. PM me for more info!

  • Hot Winter Update

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    Thanks for the update. It looks much better now. Especially I liked not having invisible units anymore. But one more question. Are you going to count previously won team games, add the gold reward and victory in the stats?

  • All units should consume goods like they consume manpower, oil, or food. They are healing, repairing, practising, marching etc. They shouldn't be able to do all these for free.

  • Why want to change your mind? They are worth the price as long as you control the skies.

  • This one is better. LOL

  • Name Changer and Shop Improvements

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    I have an issue with the aircraft on carriers. Sometimes I still cannot select the aircraft and need to switch to older version. And that triangle thing is missing now. ss: 7DRq8P.png

  • Quote from Little Racoon: “Manipulating the market in the early stages would be hard since you don't have much money to begin with. Maybe after a few days it can work. Goods are the most wanted items, so if you're abundant on goods, put as expensive as a price u want. ” I agree about the goods. But I don't agree on waiting few days to work it. Because it works best on the day 1. You can sell your rare for even 60 and buy for even 3. Actively manipulating rare materials market will also quickly f…

  • In this guide I will try to explain my trade tricks and strategies to help people who is not using trade market or aware of it's massive advantages. Let's begin! <First of all. These tactics have been tried and been successful in 100p World Map more than three games. In other maps, tricks may not work.> Trading in stock market will give you huge advantages. You will basically manage to construct buildings, produce units in 4 cities and do researches 24/7! Without using gold at all. Let's dive in…

  • First of all I am not against gold users. I also use the gold sometimes. It is actually a good feature of the game. It has a surprise element inside. It forces people to think twice before doing something and diversify their strategies etc. But.. When it is heavily used, it removes the joy from game, every chance when you are against a heavy gold user. They use gold for even healing units, ALL the time. Then you don't have ANY chance, none. From this point game becomes worhtless. I mean you don'…

  • Just Curious

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    I will use it when it is late game (resources doesn't mean much) and my capital is too far away from my cores. It will be worth when forts are not enough to keep the morale high enough.

  • Depends on situation. If you are marching towards an open capital or just trying to damage important cities as fast as possible it may be worth.

  • Are they unescorted convoys? MdOpJN.gif

  • Thanks for the answers. Its been more than 24 hours I think but there is nothing, plus later I produced something else on that province and now I am using that one. I tried to clean cache or relogin and many things but resources was gone and nothing was produced. Idk why did that happen. I will fill the bug report in game.

  • Game Number: 2,289,264 Bug Description: Yesterday I wanted to build a tank destroyer. So I entered a province then clicked to "produce". Then a pop-up appeared said "You are missing 2 metals" and etc. Then I didn't quit the production screen and waited few seconds then clicked "produce" again. This time I had the necessary resources to produce but even though it took my resources there was no production. It was just wasted. Unfortunately no screenshots but I guess you can repeat the exact same p…

  • Thank you

  • Quote from Sgassman: “I can't get into my game. Game 2259965 I click the game and it just takes me back to my game menu... havnt been able to get in the game for over 30 mins ” Same thing happened to me. My game is 2289264.

  • When I try to get in my game, it immediately returns me to the main page. I've tried to clear the caches, and tried to get in the game from computer, phone browser and app. Same result. I am in the middle of a war and I have to give orders asap. What can I do? I am sorry I was in a hurry. I didn't notice the pinned topic...