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  • Quote from Lukenick: “There is a major flaw though. What will keep the major leaguers from making a new account to participate with the minors? If there were 2 divisions, you need to give incentive to the majors to remain in that division ” the same thing that keeps anyone from making a second account. Section 4.3 of the ToS 4.3 Each Participant may register for and use one Account only. Registering for and using multiple accounts is strictly prohibited (so-called “multi-accounts”). Breach of th…

  • Quote from grandpooba52: “while i support this option i forsee one problem we dont have enough entries to have two games per month there would be matches with only a few players in one division and most dont want to play against AI ” this idea would be supported by making a news release on the main page, "advertising" the new leagues, and i feel that the option itself would draw many new players. Most players feel intimidated by the "pros" that play the league regularly, and many players are put…

  • I think you guys are starting to think in the right direction. Another thought was to have the player league split into 2 divisions, a minor league for players level 40 and under, and the major league for players level 41 and above. Both leagues would have equal rewards. This would allow new players in the PL to have a chanve to learn without getting destroyed by the veterans, and would not punish the vets for being good. Add in the only rule is no gold use, and the only thing you have to iron o…

  • Quote from CoralWar: “One & only rule : Gold free environment. All other added rules degrade the gameplay. Let's play as usual, but with no gold. ” I wish I could give this a million likes. This is exactly what the PL should be.

  • I see. Thank you.

  • so why not just join games with free country selection, or make one with free country selection?

  • Quote from Little Racoon: “1. Give moderators the power to change the category of the thread, but with a limit of 2 per day in case of excess usage. This allows convenience and makes the categorizing actually worth it. 2. Allow for dislikes, and once it gets a certain amount of dislikes (say 5, and one of them a dev/moderator to stop bullying), the person who posted it will minus points. If it gets even more (say 20), the person will get a certain punishment (ex: banned from forum for one day, l…

  • Quote from David Soutter: “Notice to game all these people on the thread have the same problem the game starts loading but never loads. You said i was the only person with this fault ” Hi David, VorlonFCW did not say you were the only one that ever had a problem loading. he said that in the time since he has been a game operator, your problem was the only one he wasnt able to fix. I still think this problem could be resolved, with some cooperation from your end of things. I know this problem is …

  • as usual, restrisiko is absolutely correct. Ground units heal roughly 15 percent (actually 1/7th) of their LOST condition at day change if they are in territory they own, core or non core or captured doesnt matter. they heal in combat and when moving. Planes heal as long as they are stationed or operating out of their own air base. they dont heal if in allied territory, or if on a carrier, or if in convoy at sea. naval ships heal anywhere, in combat or moving. convoys of ground units do not heal…

  • Yes, whenever you need a clarification, or just not sure but feel that an article or message may violate the terms of service, you should report. As long as you are not frivolously reporting, it does no harm, and the GO that works your report will clarify the rule for you.

  • Technology advancements

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    Quote from Sasri: “Our data shows that in the past it was hardly ever getting full, resulting in early abandoned games. ” Indeed, I think this is very true. Another big factor is that because every country on the map is short on goods, and very few goods are available in the market, that many players get frustrated, because it takes so long to be able to do anything. Without goods, we can't build. So, you cant even build up your goods producing provs, because, well theres no goods. LOL. So, agai…

  • BB, i may have not traded enough units around to know every last nuance of them, but I can tell you in my nearly 3 years of playing, I have not had a traded unit upgrade with research, nor has any ally I played a game with. If there are ways for a traded unit to upgrade, thats interesting. Its just not my experience. Ofc, I may have traded a total of ten units spread across all the games ive played.

  • This is not real life. This is a game. The upgrade of units is tied to a lot of mechanics. asking to change this is asking to change a huge chunk of game. I always tell folks, think of this as a board game, and not a realistic simulator of a real war.

  • I think the current system makes perfect sense. all units (except traded) upgrade when the research is completed. Pretty much all units have some kind of manpower upkeep. these upkeep men represent soldiers and equipment that have been trained/built in the next level of research, so it makes sense that when soldiers and equipment get moved to the unit in question, the new training and equipment is implemented into the existing units.

  • that would certainly be against everything i have ever experienced or been taught. Im left wondering.

  • Trade cheating

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    That is because the two players involved were 2 different players, not someone multiaccounting and pushing resources to himself. It was also not a case where a player joined just for the purpose of pushing resources. This was a case where a player felt he was defeated, and gave his resources to his ally before he left the game. That is not considered cheating.

  • Traded units do not upgrade. they always stay the same level at which they were traded.

  • you may open a forum convo with me and i will review your history

  • Coversations

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    if it was sent, they will receive the message