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  • Quote from Restrisiko: “We remember >> CoW is not a simulation but works as a simplified (animated) board game.. ..seen that way it makes sense that the upkeep of the units is calculated as a flat rate and not as a function of consumption - conversely, it is equally okay that units do not become directly inoperative here if daily upkeep is not sufficiently available; only their automatic regeneration is reduced / suspended accordingly then. ” Hey if that so good luck on calculating the real fact…

  • Operation Downfall

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    Well isn't this look like the Pre planned of the Ally Forces been wanting to Invade the Japanese Islands if the Empire of Japan didn't surrender back in the World War II? 1st Operations Olympic Involving of invading the Southern Kyushu islands via using Okinawa islands as Staging grounds for it. 2nd Operations Coronet Involving of invading the Main Island Honshu islands which the Capital province, Tokyo is in it too.

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “Such a horrible idea. First, Bytro would have to implement this - keeping track of where units go isn't as simple as it seems... the can merge and split, suffer battle losses or be repaired, be composed of several types, etc etc. Weeks of programming, prone to contain bugs which are impossible to detect (are you REALLY going to keep track of all that yourself?) Second, the effect is marginal. Most people move their sexy stuff around anyway; and why should you be reward…

  • However isn't this too excessive that a game is killing battery with less then 1gb storage data? If it like PuBG with 2.3GB I can understand but this is like killing me. I even closed all unnecessary apps and decreased my brightness level to 50%. Still it won't work.

  • I play mobile often since i work I also found out the mobile app consume lots of percentages of the battery for my mobile phone which is totally unacceptable it like less then hour my mobile phone battery percentage dropped to 60%-70- when I full charged it. Now whenever I go out I need to bring portable charger even a short distance. Also one more thing the mobile app also make the devices temperature goes up very high which is hot and once it top hot the game tend to be a little bit sluggish. …

  • Alright guys tell me what is this? It trying to tell me purchase gold but is'nt this too much excessive? Jeez. Any ETA on rectifying or eliminate this bug?

  • Alright I see thanks for the heads up.

  • Well hey at least that a good start and I pretty sure they will be some CoW Commanders will spend time to find infos on it.

  • Also as a mobile app player how come this icon can't be removed? It like blocking my view any ETA of fixing of this or removal of this?

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “lol... that is a mild way of putting it))) ” Oo well then okay.. Quote from VorlonFCW: “Like Roko said, the unit statistics will be the same for each "skin" And yes, the fact that the skin names and images don't match and aren't always the best fit is something that is planned to be fixed at some point in the future. I am sure that if a comprehensive list of suggested unity types and images were collected here in the forum that would make the task of changing things a …

  • So in the end could I say this game is not 100% entirely accurate on the historical itself then?

  • Hey fellow Call of War Commanders, My name is Debbidosan and I am writing this forum is about the issues or being annoyed with the historical inaccuracy of the Research in the Naval options of the Aircraft Carrier. For the Aircraft Carrier it stated Level 3 is it the Essex class and Level 4 it is the Independence class but shouldn't this be another way round? Since Independence carrier class standard displacement was 11,000 tons and Essex carrier class standard displacement was 27,500 which is m…

  • The currently is not working well for the Mobile App is the Units are not being shown of their level in the Information icon and also the amount of range for a range units such as artillery units, rockets battery, aerial vehicles and naval vessels on it.