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  • Sigh. So we're done with the gameplay arguments now, and revert to "realism"? OK, ONE MORE TIME on realism then... With the possible exception of Crete, NO SINGLE airborne operation in WW2 conquered ANY significant area on its own. They were always relying on land or seaborne troops to relieve them. From a historical/simulation perspective, the only realistic implementation would be: join them into regular stacks of other troops. When "enough" are present, the "enemy territory" speed penalty wou…

  • Only 3 Pacific navies were significant at the time - US, Japan, UK. I hope you're not suggesting this to become a 3p map?

  • When you stock up on food early, this will never become a problem. Think more like 300k.

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    Forum users already are a very, very small subset of players. Forcing them to use discord would decrease that even further.

  • If the Japanese allied to the British AND all the minor navies in the area (Australia, Netherlands, etc) they would stand a SMALL chance. But yeah, it would be cooler to have "equal" startups like the other bigger maps.

  • Lol, this is one of the more secretive conspiracy theories, right? What'the role of the Pope in all this?


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    Check out Conflict of Nations, a sister game of this one, dealing with the post-WW2 era.

  • No idea what squad to sign up for?

  • Quote from cerealnerd: “Quote from VorlonFCW: “ ” Nice explanation. Makes it sound like the server and browser are talking over a cup of coffee. ” Actually I think they are vodka kind of guys... and at such a time, either of them had one too many.

  • This is like some ebb and flood thing. People plea for less rules; inadverse effects happen; people want those countered; more rules are implemented; people say it gets too complicated and scream for less rules. Many of these rules have been tried and tested for years now. Shure, they weren't perfect and it was a work-forever-in-progress; nonetheless, going back to one rule ("no gold") seems a waiste of effort.

  • rushing ahead

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    Quote from VorlonFCW: “Also keep in mind that your army only goes half speed on enemy territory, So once you own the province your support forces get to move at normal speed. This makes a big difference in time to get across a larger country. ” Yeah... but also keep in mind, that speed is determined at the moment the order was given. So when the armored car takes the prov, you need to issue a NEW march order to the infantry following behind. It doesn't matter if it is the same order, you just ha…

  • I think you don't get it. The bomber attacks three units. So the attack is split in three. First attack is against an armor unit. Bomber uses (one third of) anti-armor value. Second attack is against Infantry. Bomber uses (one third of) anti-inf values. Thirs attack is against a ship. Bomber uses (one third of) anti-ship values.

  • Well if there WAS enough support for a "second league", and instead of basing it on rank which isn't very meaningful for quality, why not do it as in European sports leagues, with a "Premier" and "First" League, and seasonal (or even quicker) promotion/degradation between them? New players would enter in the "First" league and not get slaughtered by the pro's in the "Premier" league, and they would drop out less often; the "Premier" would still be a place for the best-of-the-best, recieving new …

  • I have interpreted this proposal as a balancing one, not an absolute one... sure, land units would still be required to capture provinces, but if they are all islands, the problem would be taking them there. I think this was the original idea of the 50p Pacific map as proposed, which was then invalidated by two continents still being there (E.Asia and N.America) which contained most of the resources and production, which resulted in players needing to take either of these continents first, anywa…

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “Quote from Prefector: “say a T. Bomber does 3 damage to infantry and 3 damage to tanks it is now doing 6 damage total. But if you only have 3 infantry instead of 1 infantry and 1 tank, than the T. Bomber would only do damage to the infantry for 3. ” Correct ” Did I completely misunderstand the game for two years?? Because this is not how I have observed the working! I have always thought, and observations are consistent with this, that the bomber's damage is split between …

  • Quote from Mr Selfridge: “ Unban Kolin17 immediately and Hire him to make the video for the game's, proper salary. ” What exactly are you suggesting? Make a video of your game,and gold use is OK?

  • I am among the against-ers... and I think I expressed my reasoning in maybe 5 different threads now. So when you want an in-depth, browse the forum for the older threads. Bottom line, 90% of the provs are empy at any given time, and it becomes impossible to form "fronts" where you can rely on, especially when offline. Most people supporting paratroopers are thinking about clever and devastating ways of attacking their enemies with them. Few people think how they will defend against them. And you…

  • Quote from Diabolical: “I hate to be the one to say this, but I find your poll too wordy...and not simple enough. Heck, if "I" don't get it, who else would? I'm the king of long and wordy, here. And I say your poll is too unintelligible. Why don't you refine it, simplify it, and then restart it as a new poll after doing so? Sorry, not trying to bust your balls, here. ” Oh man... coming from you, I really LOVE LOVE LOVE this remark!!!

  • Leprechauns...? The gold system hasn't basically changed for several years now.

  • <irony> Sure. They could also remove the resource system completely; you could just buy what you want. While we're at it, why not double air ranges as well? </irony>