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  • Starcraft was all about proper management of resources. If you didn't plan ahead properly you would have lots of production capacity and no resources to produce with because the resources were finite. Each rock had a limited number of minerals. Each gas site had a limited amount of production at high speed before it throttled you. Perhaps you would like the game to play itself? You could just watch events unfold like a movie and blame someone else for the way it turns out?

  • As I said, the 25 player historic maps are system generated only and it is not possible for a player to create their own.

  • Improved Team Up! Event

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    Quote from dioglaert: “I have heard in a chat within the game that morale is a huge problem as you start out at war with 50 countries. ” War morale penalty is capped at -25, so it is no different than being at war with 5 countries. Quote from dioglaert: “victory conditions ” Team victory 4,956 points (90%) Each team starts with 2500 points. Quote from dioglaert: “rewards ” 4000 gold per active member Quote from dioglaert: “should always be included in the news blast ” as this wasn't changed it w…

  • Those maps are system generated. There should always be one available to join.

  • I would guess the bomber was on patrol? This means it likely got two hits in on the interceptor. One as the regular patrol tick, and one returning fire when attacked.

  • I have not had any food issues in a long time, since I learned how it worked. On a 100 player map in mid game you need to be building infrastructure and industrial complexes in captured food provinces at a rate of 10 to 20 per day. If you did NOT plan ahead with your economy to be able to sustain this rate of construction, then you will have to delay expansion to get this under control. Also I keep a few of the minor AI in my starting continent available to be able to grab their capitals later i…

  • Quote from ThePunisher0: “I am unable to login. Its give error " no such account exist" ” You deleted your account, which would cause it not to exist. I have reversed that process for you. Quote from Mory: “Whenever I try to enter one of my games, I am redirected to the login screen. ” Usually this is a result of your browser being confused. Please clear your browser cache, close, and restart your browser, and see if this helps. In some cases you may need to clear your browsing history as well t…

  • App bug text

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    Thanks we will investigate this a bit more.

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    They are pinned because at some point someone thought they were important. They remain pinned because I don't presume to know if they are important or not. If I had a lot of extra time I would like to make one comprehensive suggestion list and have people "like" each post if they approve of the suggestion. More likes would mean more chance of the game designers considering the suggestion etc. Sadly I don't always have as much time as I have ideas. . .

  • When you join a game with free country selection you have to actually select a country. If you sit looking at the country selection menu and do not choose you will have to restart the process after 10 minutes.

  • Quote from CZxZeras: “he get removed from the game because he didnt enter that game in every 10 min... ” When a player joins a game that has free country selection they have to choose a country. If they do not choose a country and sit there looking at the country selection screen for 10 minutes they will have to start the joining process over.

  • App bug text

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    Did you get the updated app from the app store today as well?

  • best strategies for attack

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    Quote from samincosh: “i'v made once a huge air attake with 25 stratigic bomb ” Two mistakes I see here: 1) Strategic bombers are for damaging BUILDINGS, like airbases or industrial complexes. Strat bombers are nearly useless against ground units or other planes. 2) Sounds like you put all 25 in one group, which was very ineffective. There is a limit to how many units of each type are most effective per group, called the State Based Damage Efficiency. >>>> Forum thread on SBDE <<<<< In short you…

  • Merry Gang of Pirates

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    Mad dog you would be better served to make this a private conversation using the conversations tab at the top of this page, rather than a public post. That will notify all of the members in the conversation and let you see who has read it. The public forum is really not the place for posts like this.

  • Quote from JCS Darragh: “B-But I'm not like that right ” Of course not, you are superior and more intelligent as you say.

  • Quote from JCS Darragh: “ The superior and more intelligent ones that do support paratroopers, why do you support them and would like them added? ” For starters I don't want paratroopers partly because some of the people who want them are jerks who can't be polite and don't know how to listen.

  • Quote from Braveheart23: “I don't know what an in-game ticket is, or where to find it. ” From the menu in the lower right corner of your game, select the bug report button.…4267abc86c5ba2122d9637425 Quote from Braveheart23: “why have three other problems I had been fixed just by bringing up the issue here? ” It depends on your issue. While we can explain things to you and give you instructions for fixing things yourself here on the forum, we need a ticket from with…

  • This means that your browser is lying to you. Your browser is the client. It believes that your plane is in Kenora. So when you give it an order your browser sends the order to the server. In some cases the server replies: "I have no idea what you are talking about browser. That unit isn't there anymore" Your browser prefers to display the more technical answer, rather than admit it was wrong: "Server state differs from client" In most cases reloading the game will resolve the issue. There are t…

  • Quote from Prefector: “IF a bomber does damage to infantry class and armor class by default. ” It does not. It sounds to me like you want to make a 'doom stack' or something that is a universal winning combination. The beauty of Call of War is that there is no universal strategy. There is no combination that will always win, or any tactic that will always win. Each and every unit has a strength and weakness. If you build an all infantry class stack of 8 infantry, 8 Anti tanks, 8 anti air, and 8 …

  • Typically reloading the game will fix this, as your browser (The client) believes one thing while the server believes a different thing. Since they don't agree they are fighting each other. With some browsers and situations you need to clear your browser cache, close, and restart your browser to get rid of the bad data. And 0% is not necessarily dead. It could conceivably have 0.01 hit points which rounds down to zero. If you continue to have this issue after clearing your cache send a bug repor…