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    Quote from K.Rokossovski: “Unbelievable... you guys are talking WAYS to include paratroopers... just DAYS after a poll clearly showed no one WANTS them! ” that's not correct - not "no one wants them" - but a lot of players dislike the idea to implement paras in this game!

  • This bug is very old and it's happens sometimes. I can't find a reason why it's happens sometime, and sometimes not the point that it only happens at the edge of the patrol pie? - I don't think so. Maybe it's only happens when the patrol is set before day switch was happens? But why only some groups of the planes must fly back and other not? let us try to find it out.

  • no - game is closed now

  • Here the Nations and the Player (Now I will check the game log data if all is correct) * Nation * CoW-Name * Forum-Name * Team * VP * Goiás * Mark Achkar * MarkAchkar * 3 * 711 * South Africa * Tim731 * Tim731 * 1 * 491 * Siberia * AcePlaymate * AcePlaymate * 3 * 437 * British Odisha * Mr Selfridge * Mr Selfridge * 3 * 381 * Northwest USA * владрус * vladrus * 5 * 376 * Equatorial Gabon * wisehan * wisehan * 1 * 359 * Belgian Congo * Alexs13 * Alexs13 * 1 * 347 * Peru * Magariu * Magariu * 4 * 2…

  • Round 1 is now finished: f5e9f319fdd0d2a073888d54e271775b.png

  • hi - please let us use the conversation for internal problems. (but yes you are part of the Blue team)

  • Hi, the poll was closed - I opened again. Follow the Link down below Quote from KOLIN17: “it will be possible to show a list of players. who played for what country? ” I will do it after the end of round one. End is after day switch 30 to 31.

  • Join the Dirty Dozen

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    58a0fde6e6e48bf4b70a2132348254b4.png Dear players, you tired to win the maps with a big advantage, to win always against the rookies on this random maps, you will find out how good you are really? try the Dirty Dozen! The Dirty Dozen is a series of games launched by CoW Support. Every month start a new game, four months lasts one season. The common thread in the league is the ban on the use of gold. This ban is monitored by the support and punished by the game play. You are interested to fight w…

  • Du must deine Sprache auf der Homepage von Cow auf Englisch umstellen. Dann kannst du das Spiel suchen...

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    Hi, Little Racoon has open a poll about this topic:…&postID=165935#post165935 Please vote!

  • Okay - so Roko has post his vote,. now I will post my vote too: I vote with YES, because it's can't be that this missing unit is not be a part of this World War Two game, because some veterans players are only afraid that this unit can ruin the game. We have rockets, rocket fighters, atomic ships and other stuff that was new in the first half of the 20th century but only this one unit not? It's only a question how to Implement this paratroopers in the game mechanics WITHOUT destroying the game p…

  • I hope that a lot of players will vote here!

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    look here:…&postID=142034#post142034

  • @Seba1997: I need your name in the game, it must be different to the one you use in the forum.

  • So we have room for 17 players left! - Please make some advertising for the next round. I opened the conversation for the March game.

  • Quote from addicted1969: “I am trying to change squads,can I just pick another? I got it.never mind. ” Yes @BigHorrn: It will change nothing, the only thing it will happens after disable the anonymous option is that we must read hate posts in World Herald and Forum. It gives you no gurantee that the NAP will not break again... We leave the rules in the way they are for the next 3 games. After the season we will see if we need to adjust a bit.

  • Day 25: b437e479f0843844a6addf3aa71ba153.png

  • @alexl12: I can't do it - you need to choose a other team. I changed the the options at the poll, now you can choose a other team. But I must close this option again in 36 hours - This will be the time I open the conversation. @12pit: If used this idea for the "Clash of Alliances" some years ago, you can search for it.

  • @CoralWar: I'm with you! The Food economic in this game is not the best. We have in this Forum hundred of threads about this topic. All the things veteran players do, is to know the bad game mechanics and build a strategy to compensate. If I be the game designer I would do two things into the game: #1 I would Implement a new Building, called "Governor's Mansion", a building you only can build three times during a match. If it's destroyed it is gone. This building rise the income from this provin…

  • Quote from BigHorrn: “No anonymous games would be nice. I would really appreciate this. I like to see the players name while I am playing the map. ” I know you had problems last round with players that breaks a NAP. But I will leave the rules for the next games in the same way. After this season we will see if we need to change some part of the rules... Maybe it will help if you ask for the players name before you accept a NAP in the next round!