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  • Hey Xarus, seems like I enlisted for the wrong squad I enlisted for India but my Alliance mate is in Echo and we want to be both in Echo... sry for the inconvenience, but may you fix this?

  • Although I cannot say anything to the gold use of Kolin17, I think it is a great idea to make a video of the competition! This could be largely extended in the future, but in the beginning it would be better to start small... @Mr Selfridge: May you link one of the videos you mentioned?

  • @Xarus - Thanks for your fast and informative reply! Then I will join tomorrow

  • @Xarus - I noticed some things in rules and have a few questions - I have just noticed, that the following quoted link in the rules does not work Quote from Xarus: “ Note: This is the first version of the translate rules and standards from the last German league. I hope that my English is good enough to understand the rules. If you find errors in grammar or spelling fell free to contact me. Discuss and questions about the rules will be handel in a other thread. → click here ” - And another thing…