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  • Well at least it is a one-time unit. You basically build a "joker" which gets you a free province. As it is balanced now, it also requires barracks-3 and air base-3 which is pretty hard to get by the day they become available. They are pretty expensive but not extreme; the build time IS though, 60% more than a commando. As implemented, I hope it may not be abused TOO much.

  • Quote from Captain Steiner: “Not to change the subject but why don't Nuke Subs launch Nuke Missiles??? Yeah I know they can't launch ICBMs but then again that would mean a new type of missile like a Polaris etc. Just asking. ” Cool, Steiner! Gotta love you! This is the coolest forum hijack I ever saw!!

  • No one can steal paratrooper ideas, they're in public domain and have about one thousand different branches.

  • More 1 v 1 maps

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  • Disembarking to enemy land costs 4.5 hours. Disembarking on your own provinces costs 3 hours, and can be further decreased by building shipyards.

  • Moderating all those players wanting to name their country "Rob's playground", "Auschwitz", or "Candy Store 2002" would be an enormous effort on an already overburdened staff. Any idea how much work moderating coalition names is?

  • The problem, of course, is that paratroopers would require a huge programming effort, which would be lost in case of the predictable outcome.

  • It should ask you if you want to declare... unless it is peace period (dove in upper right corner), in which case, indeed, you cannot land them.

  • Another problem would of course be tech stacking. In the current system, having units of different tech levels is a HUGE advantage, because they don't accumulate towards SBDE. In this way a stack could have 6 tanks of level 1 AND 6 of level 2, effectively doubling its fire power, creating much more options in doom stacs, advantages in artillery duels and dogfights, naval monoculture, etc. People are already (ab)using this advantage by swapping units between players like Svven said, but this is p…

  • Yeah, there is an event for that.

  • Quote from Edepedable: “ I doubt I am the only player that does not favor the early game. ” Well fine if I'm a minority, but I _LOVE_ the early game! The tactical manoevring before air power stifles it, the artillery duels, the impact a single tank can have... truly great!

  • I don't think the unit upgrade system should be slowed down; can you imagine a raging battle and some of your troops halfway going, "hold on, I need to get upgraded first"? What reason (other than "realism") do you have for suggesting this, what problem are you solving? As for artillery, it already gets range upgrades, though not for every level. This is a ver tricky subject to tamper with; range is MUCH more important in artillery duels than for air (for example, they can render fortresses usel…

  • lol, you like moving goal posts, eh?

  • Unbelievable... you guys are talking WAYS to include paratroopers... just DAYS after a poll clearly showed no one WANTS them!

  • Well, ask the poor para's who fought at Arnhem what it felt like to drop on top of an enemy unit. It was a heavily battered and recuperating armored unit, still the para's were wiped out in a few days.

  • JCS! You promised! Quote from JCS Darragh: “If the end result is "No", the people better shut up about paratroopers ” 7a45a8da43650c6564aade2cd03083e4.png

  • Background Images?

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    You can decode them from the page source. One example is:…plashscreen_desktop_2.jpg I guess you can replace the serial number at the end to get the different ones, or browse the page source when you "just loaded" the one you like. Mind you, I have no idea if these pictures are copyright-protected!

  • Quote from PFM12: “It is just as discouraging to join a 100 map with your alliance mates and get no opposition. The main reason for alliances are that you want to play with your friends (somehow close to each others), preferable on large maps that benefits all aspects of the very fine and elaborated game-mechanics My wish is that Bytro some day makes a 100 map for several alliances/teams of max 5 players, with choose country and no gold....similar to the Dirty Dozen, but with smaller teams (5 ma…

  • Sometimes the picture for a particular unit type (ex: "AT gun") is not properly downloaded and won't get corrected automatically. This means that all stacks led by an "AT gun" are not drawn (though their number for stack size is still visible), and it becomes hard to select them as well. Reloading the game usually solves this problem.

  • Improved Team Up! Event

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    Oh come on, please don't!! This event is bad enough as it is, with over 80% of players going inactive... fighting for provinces that subsequently get returned to inactive "team mates" is even more frustrating than it already is!