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  • S1914 and early COW Vet!

  • Tribunate was one of my besties. Lost touch with him over time. Wishing him the best!

  • Europa 7

    Agent Orange - - Alliance Introductions


    Someone asked me to make the forum post for them because they do not have a forum account! Europa 7 is a brand new alliance looking to grow their community. They are seeking players above level 10 with a discord account. All friendly and helpful people are encouraged to apply. Please contact the leader if you wish to join. In game - Parisian Militia Discord - Parisian Militia#6097 Disclaimer - This is NOT an official Bytro community.

  • Quote from NoobNoobTrain: “As far as I can see, this suggestion has just barely been touched(?) One thing I like about HC is the ability of ranged units to be given fire orders. This enhances the game for especially the off-line time. I would like to see a similar option for most or all forces to give them standing orders. There could be a number of fixed orders to give - similar to how it works for targeting. One could be 'avoid combat'. A unit that has an enemy unit in sight, will stop moving.…

  • Quote from Kongu: “Infrastructure is rather underpowered in small games as time is of the essence. A great idea would be to buff infrastructure. Logically, if there is infrastructure, then there is efficiency meaning that buildings should be built faster, units should be produced quicker, and perhaps even resources should be gathered more effectively. It would add an entirely new strategy to the game that i think could sprout many new play styles, strategies, and game experiences. ” I would say …

  • Quote from ryanb96: “It doesn't matter how slow or fast you take the provinces, you will still hit the same issue eventually - it's literally unavoidable, because maths is maths, you can't argue with it. If you havent had the issue, you just havent been in a game long enough to experience it, or been large enough to experience it in a 100-player map. Follow my maths in my previous post, you can't argue with it. - Your starting provinces after 2/3 days are 100%, if you take maybe 1 neighbouring e…

  • Quote from whowh: “@DoctorDR1, @BMfox, @freezy, and @Agent Orange, can y'all explain the Nationalist Chinese doctrinal choice? ” Do you think it should be allies doctrine?

  • I think the point of having such penalties is to counteract hyper aggressive players. If you conquered 100 provinces a day that is absurd and there should be a high morale penalty for that - It's just simply not realistic. I have never had morale problems like what you are describing and I have played a fair number of 100 player maps.

  • Zombies Gamemode

    Agent Orange - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Halloween event? Could be cool!

  • Pacific Conquest

    Agent Orange - - Suggestions / Criticism


    South China, North Manchukuo, Korea, Burma, Indochina, Nationalist China Any of those will do just fine for me

  • Pacific Conquest

    Agent Orange - - Suggestions / Criticism



  • Solo victory & Coalition victory vs games joined

  • Here is an example of how it might look in game. In this America Homefront game I am playing as Venezuela and I built a highway connecting all my core unit building cities to Panama to push my units into Central America. If this guide is useful leave me a "like" on each of the posts, and follow my profile for more guides.

  • Level 3 yYATu9UU6OwAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC Costs: 700 Food [+500 Food for level 1, +600 Goods for level 2] = 1800 Food 700 Goods [+500 Goods for level 1, +600 Goods for level 2] = 1800 Goods 350 Oil [+250 Oil for level 1, +300 Oil for level 2] = 900 Oil 1800 Money [+1250 Money for level 1, +1500 Money for level 2] = 4550 Money Build time: 12 hours [+4 hours for level 1, +8 hours for level 2] = 24 hours Land unit speed +67% [on top of level 1 +67%, on top of level 2 +66%] = 200%

  • Level 2 wAAAABJRU5ErkJggg== Costs: 600 Food [+500 Food for level 1] = 1100 Food 600 Goods [+500 Goods for level 1] = 1100 Goods 300 Oil [+250 Oil for level 1] = 550 Oil 1500 Money [+1250 Money for level 1] = 2750 Money Build time: 8 hours [+4 hours for level 1] = 12 hours Land unit speed +67% [on top of level 1 +66%] = 133%

  • Below are the costs (and compounded costs) so you can see how much it would cost to invest in infrastructure with the current patch. Level 1 KXnAVbgYuPcPP8Pb8Lr6v3tmEEAAAAASUVORK5CYII= Costs: 500 Food 500 Goods 250 Oil 1250 Money Build time: 4 hours Land unit speed +67%

  • Infrastructure - worth it or not? This time I plan to dive in and show you the benefits of using infrastructure in the 1.5 update. Wars are not won by only having the "best units." Timing is essential to winning battles. Infrastructure plays a vital role in achieving victory. Many new players do not know how beneficial it is to have a dedicated "highway" to move fresh units to the front line. Infrastructure continues to be an under-used building. In the latest two patches, (I am writing this on …

  • Quote from RBoi200: “No, it isn't, unless you ask the mods. I know @Agent Orange changed his name. ” My username was changed by Bytro staff to match my in game name. There are certain circumstances where a username change is possible, but usually due to a conflict with the terms of service.

  • Sandbox Mode

    Agent Orange - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Quote from Tribunate: “With the new 1.5 stack system and all the new updates coming with 1.5, there is a whole new way to think, strategize and prepare in the game. Changing the meta and micro aspects is a lot to take in and I propose a new sandbox mode to test these new updates. What I am suggesting is the creation of a new mini-game mode, most likely solo. All would be needed is a small map with the features to create or add whatever units you wanted to experiment with, structures to be built,…

  • No Allegiance

    Agent Orange - - Recruitment Centre


    They are as long as they are not advertised as official communities.