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  • I think the CM's post explained it, but you can also make a support ticket for help. My legs grew back after the nineties I still enjoy icecream

  • office hours have only commenced for 8hrs since the weekend [yesterday was Sunday] It is upsetting when a round important to you is affected, especially when/if its at an important moment. Try to stay calm until information is posted /edit see this --> Armies are marching and Servers are moving

  • Quote from Marius Pudzianowski: “If a moderator or operator or other Bytro employee should happen to read this for its false statement headline ” some information will come in time... but not from myself. the situation is not happening randomly and will be explained. [it is a change for the better... all changes create some disruption for a time] /edit see this --> Armies are marching and Servers are moving

  • @Dr. Leipreachan For your attention @Matertua .. we stand ready to receive a new ticket from you. when that arrives we will reply to assist you @Jolryl .. you have created a forum name that does not match your account name, so we are struggling to locate you. Please make a new ticket as the CM suggests and include your forum name in that ticket so we can assist you.

  • Quote from Brodietime: “Reported yesterday. ” Thank you for making a report, this is the correct thing to do. Please do not publicly denounce other users in the forum. Topic Closed

  • @Lizzy I think I Patton is right, that you should refer to your other thread made for this topic. Respect <-- linked again here in your other thread you will note that the Community Manager herself [yep, she is a lady] replied to show you that the support staff are aware of your issue raised. Bump that topic and get the CM's attention again if you feel the need to do so.

  • thank you for updating us Rommel-1944 I have flagged your issue to the Senior Game Operator

  • We have not yet replicated this issue of round not launching Currently [time of this reply] I am launching test maps in the frontline server and the normal one, without any problem. is this issue persisting for anyone ? [please check again before reply]

  • ANTI CHEAT MASS BANNING you have double posted .. click the link above to see the reply you got in your other topic for this. Topic closed

  • Blocked chat

    Field Marshal Dan - - Questions and Answers

    Post please make a support ticket for the issue you have, so that you can be assisted. Topic closed


    Field Marshal Dan - - Questions and Answers


    contact @WiseOdin via the mailbox for this matter, He is the Senior Moderator. Topic closed

  • Please report a player via the diplomacy tab if you suspect cheating [including suspecting wolfpacking] the matter is handled privately via the ticket system. Topic closed

  • Hello, I have firefox installed and I was able to replicate the issue you describe. it kinda annoying isnt it? Currently it wont let me open more than one map at a time. the last map is reloaded with the new one when you try to open more. this is new and unexpected. we will let the dev team know about it.

  • I have to echo the huge THANK YOU to the community support efforts that we do indeed get here in Call of War, in the efforts to remove multi accounts. We are responding to the many player requests for better multi response time and will continue to work hard at preventing this form of cheating that has made players dissatisfied. Pls only 1 ticket per case Everyone ! , please keep reporting any suspected mutlis guys .

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “Can you tell me where these game administrator functions are found, i.e., those to designate a player as "inactive"? ” the map times and decides who is inactive. and it removes ALL inactives if the game admin clicks his button.

  • You made me do math 48 + 72 ÷ 24 = 5 Quote from MontanaBB: “after which they may be removed and replaced. Is that right? ” Yes, after 5 days they can be removed by the game admin function ''remove inactives'' removed or not, after that time passes they no longer receive stats [or give ''vs player'' stats to others] in that round. Replaced? ... hmmm murkey territory [see Wolfpacking ] The nations ofc never leave a map.. its only the ownership [player or ai] of them that changes.

  • Quote from Pathos: “Meetings or complaints about warnings, kicks or bans, if this is felt to be needed, are done by using the PM-system to discuss with the moderator that issued the kick/ban.It is not permitted to discuss the decisions of the moderator team in public. ” Bans are not discussed in public chat or forums in the case of a ban for ''multi'' the contact needed is the GO that has mailed you. [reply to your received mail] or you may contact @Dr. Leprechan the Senior Game Operator. Topic …

  • That is because the diplomacy information will show a player as inactive sooner, in 2 days they will change from a tick to a circle. However the ''remove inactives'' function of the map gives them the full 5 days and even then they remain in the round as a nation if not removed by game admin.

  • Battle against the bugs!

    Field Marshal Dan - - News


    Quote from Sasri: “The ressourcebar disappeared for some users with smalls screens whenever they opened the construction panel ”

  • the default inactivity timer is 5 days. The map system [triggered by game admin] will not remove those still under that time. However, if you have archived that will see you removed after the 5 days. [without game admin action] Remember that if you log back into it you reset that countdown.