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  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “You can flank them, fox did it all the time with light tanks. And how will you attack yourself? ” Why would you want to attack yourself?

  • What have they done to offend you?…7bc2b4ecb27707dc290cf2f92

  • Quote from _Pyth0n_: “Now, if you had made mention of them being worthless in specific doctrines, then yea, they aren't worth it for Pan-Asian and Axis (mostly because both doctrine playstyles favor light armor over heavy, not just because of the research nerfs in those doctrines). Clearly tho, you haven't played Allies in forested terrain before, cuz TDs are OP early mid game... ” I agree with Pan-Asian but Axis? Their medium tank is the best in the game and they have two day delays on light ta…

  • Quote from PureHydro: “If I see one in the enemies composition I automatically think they are new player and easy kill. ” Isn't this confirmation bias? Tank destroyers are bad Only noobs use bad units I see somebody using them, so they are a noob Since noobs use them, they must be bad

  • Quote from PureHydro: “It should have ability to disengage, or have a range. Half of what arty gets or even less, just so you can fire and move, like their RL counterparts. ” Like so many things this is explained when it is realised that each unit represents a regiment-sized body.

  • Yerevan

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    Quote from Carking the 6th: “What’s next? You realizing the Falklands are British? ” The Falklands are rightfully Chinese

  • They can be used to swarm units, this is what I would mainly use them for.

  • Release Notes - 2024-02-06

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    Quote from Carking the 6th: “China was basically the main front the Pacific war for most of its duration, would make sense. ” Quote from NEPTUNE the great: “I thought it was the island-hopping campaign or the Pacific war. ” The US high command distinguished between the China-Burma-India Theatre and the Pacific Theatre, which I think makes sense. There's a case to be made anyway. It's like lumping the Western and Eastern European, and North African Fronts together. They're connected but different…

  • Quote from TheZhukov: “The TNS Kebab ” Tragedy they scrapped the Yavuz Sultan Selim in the 70s. Last remaining battlecruiser…7bc2b4ecb27707dc290cf2f92

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “I named all my ships in the USN after States, I have about one for each state now. ” Yes always do ship names in-character for your country

  • Release Notes - 2024-02-06

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    I wasn't actually thinking of China, but yeah maybe that too But that said I'm glad they brought back the loading screen art

  • Quote from RookOnzo: “I asked myself what makes you care about your units? What makes you send them into battle without paying any attention? Right now units are simply a number moving across the screen. These units hold a base stat when the system hits the RNG. Soul less heartless and disconnected. ” Oh, it's possible to care about your units. The 88th Division and 20th Mechanised are some of the finest divisions in the National Revolutionary Army, while the 10th Route Army has distinguished it…

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “They were in the allied powers, receiving a lot of equipment from them in the civil war and often trying to model their armies after them... They DEFINITELY were not communists. It would make a lot of sense… ” Yeah well Nationalist China was hardly aligned to Japan either (unless you count the Quisling Wang Jingwei régime) but at least geographically it makes sense to use these doctrines. The Soviet Union was an allied power in WWII too. For Russian Empire to be comi…

  • Release Notes - 2024-02-06

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    Quote from Carking the 6th: “They need Nuke art. ” They could do with more art from the Far East Theatre Spitfires and El Alamein and Stalingrad is great already but some pictures of the Coral Sea or jungle fighting in Burma or stuff would be pretty cool too

  • No, Yugoslavia should be part of Albania!

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “Come on guys! What about the Cook Islands?! What about Samoa? What about all the Micronesian islands? Give Spain a city in Equatorial Guinea! Zanzibar! Easter island! Greenland should have a city! Sicily too! The Soviets need more! Africa needs way more! Caribbean islands man! Ethiopia! Give Luxembourg 50 units to represent their power! Give Tanna Tuva 35 units to represent their power! Put more rural provinces in Canadas north! Add Antarctica to the map! Make Santas…

  • To simplify the map, make Luxembourg part of the Netherlands! Ready the copypasta

  •…7bc2b4ecb27707dc290cf2f92 We're going to need it.

  • Let's keep Call of War Call of War.

  • FFS Bytro!!!

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    Quote from Carking the 6th: “Freezy said that they are about to completely replace the Ranks system with something that will permanently work, soon. ” I hope they keep ranks, even if the mechanics might change. I'm no expert. How does software "decay" like this anyway?