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  • Ok, thanks

  • Hi. Logged in today and I am now Lev zero / Recruit How to fix it? Thanks

  • Yep , pretty cool ! Saw explosions when my Battleships started bombing enemies. I was like " what the heck???"

  • Quote from z00mz00m: “I've had some luck sharing the spoils with the owner of the supply drop. It's only fair. They are going to lose production from that province while it recovers morale. There's also a one-time resource theft that goes with taking the province. There's also the cost of taking the land back. That unit could be doing something useful. Splitting the supply drop 50/50 makes sure everyone walks away happy. ” What if the Supply Drop results in a Blueprint? You can't split anything …

  • Quote from Brando Dilla: “Hmm... smells like a multi accounter. I've heard of players using second accounts as "resource farms" and they would get 4x as much resources than if they simply invade the country. No harm in asking staff to investigate. ” How to report a player doing this ?

  • Quote from z00mz00m: “Preach, brother Rokossovski! In terms of bang for the buck, a stack of 1 AC can only be beaten by a stack of 1 militia. You can land behind enemy lines, walk around taking critical production centers and transportation lines, and very often they can't do anything to stop you because they don't even understand what's happening. In terms of dealing maximum damage, this is a stack of 10x Allied SP Arty at level 3: ” I simply love Militia. Cheap, fast production, strong defense…

  • Quote from Kolonnos: “"These buildings can not be constructed in cities." I found this sentence in the Wiki. It contains a mistake that individuals with English as a Second Language often make, and also, sadly, many other English-speaking individuals whose education was lacking. The intent of the sentence is to specify that a player is unable/incapable of constructing "these buildings" in cities; that is, the construction of said buildings is impossible/prohibited. ” Thanks, I find it useful, no…

  • I understand your frustration. it's like competing in a marathon and someone comes with a bicycle. But the Pay to Play explain too well the issue. Also , if i am spending, it's because I want an advantage over someone not spending. if you play to win, at some point you find yourself using gold, earned or bought , but you need to use them. Maybe the only way to counter gold spending is play in Alliance and plan ahead carefully. But this is the hard way. Don't know. To me, if I have to fight someo…

  • Quote from german anime boy: “well i mean people who are under 30 (such as me) arent always goofy stereotypical teens who get bored after day 3 so maybe lower the age to over 20 as i think you are really limiting your options with the over 30 age limit ” Thanks for your comment. You are right , there are teens or people lower than 30 that are very smart and play this game seriously. I had to choose a target for my recruiting and it seemed wise to set an age limit close to mine to get an higher p…

  • Quote from Fellenore: “Quote from german anime boy: “well i mean people who are under 30 (such as me) arent always goofy stereotypical teens who get bored after day 3 so maybe lower the age to over 20 as i think you are really limiting your options with the over 30 age limit ” I didn't mean to be disrespectful. Of course it is just a vast generalization that can not be true to everyone. Yet, in all my games so far most people left, thus the name of the game was defeating AIs as soon as possible.…

  • Since I like action and encourage taking Action I have made an Alliance from scratch Spartan Commando [SC8] Please Read the Details before applying Thanks

  • Please , help me or kill me i am currently seeing things so absurd that I just want to quit the game and cry Even a drunk person could make smart moves than those I am seeing today LoL 3k

  • Hi, Mark here. I want to join other skilled aand serious players to play better games and improve my skills. I am looking for people over 30yo (years old), see below for detail. 1st) Who I am. I am a freelance in Management and Coaching, quite busy , still I can't give up to this game , for some reason. LoL 2) I like the ^Diplomatic thing^ of this game. That's how I managed to win in Coalition. Note this 3) Tired of less experienced/teenager players who play from phones and disappear after day 3…

  • In this game, since the player was friendly, I sent a message to inform about the share map. And he was not aware. So, I hope in karma Do good, receive good. Thanks all for the help.

  • Quote from DxC: “Maybe you are thinking of something to do with AI countries? ” Yes , I was believing it was automatically changed for active players too. So , is this a possible bug , a fair thing or a trick to use vs inexperienced players?

  • Game #6728782 That's the sequence of events I was not in a Coalition . I had a Share Map with France - (Leader of a Coalition) I then changed my -Share Map- with France to -Peace- right after Germany joined France's Coalition France never changed his relationship with me , still Share Map I joined USA Coalition, and I still have France Sharing Map with me, so I can see all his units. There wasn't a release to fix this not long ago?

  • Good job Bytro!

    Mark Dethief - - General Discussions


    I want to add that, even if I criticized at first, the new graphic map is nice. I reduced my playing time, but I hope this game find ways to keep users active. I like it.

  • At least give me the chance to change territories' colors Those pastel-kiddo-boring-colors are ugly AF I am reeeaaaally disappointed

  • Quote from stufifer: “just updated the game and it looks terrible ,what have they done it’s virtually unplayable ? Graphics are a joke looks so scrappy ? Wtf ” Finally Low Res graphic mode is better than High Res graphic so I do not regret playing saving data Seriously , i understand the whole narrative about to be used to new updates but now we are really playing on a map. Where are the mountains? Where are waves on the sea? It's boring

  • Call of War 2.0 Preview

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    Quote from Railtwo: “I just noticed the beta client has stats for just your particular round and more info for unit abilities and stuff. At least it has more info. I'm liking better than before. I think I'll get used to it. ” I like a lot me to this improvement , very useful.