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  • Isn't that what it already is?

  • Incorrect both in real life and in-game. I don't think you understand how powerful a nuclear bomb is. Looking at the small sized Hiroshima bomb, it leveled 99% of buildings within a mile, not 200 meters, and a firestorm went across the city for over 2 miles. Some measly ass bunker isn't gonna save you from that. And since you want to be "realistic," just know that nobody in the 40s or early 50s could be prepared for a direct nuclear strike, and fallout was still not understood so people would li…

  • In the picture they are in the same place, either a worthless edited photo or a real bug. Nevermind it was a captured/revolted unit.

  • The shockwave sure, but the massive wall of fire and heat would seep through any hole and surround any wall. Literally means nothing if you're protected from a blast, because as I said the weapon is completely unconventional and therefore normal bunkers are worthless against it.

  • Exactly, and even the "war satellites" were completely fictitious. The Americans and Soviets wanted to make some laser weapons in space but that's probably as far as a space weapon would get. The only thing possible would be like the German sun powered raygun in space which was a concept made under the Wunderwaffe program. Other than rockets, space technology shouldn't, can't, and won't go in CoW.

  • Interesting since it was my least thought out idea, and the more I think about it I just don't see an effective reason. Specifically I think the military administration should last 24 hours with low resource production but higher defense bonus because it takes place directly where the fighting is. What other things would this be good for?

  • Individually, can't edit the names, organize them, or anything else. The pin feature was likely intended for enemy armies to track them.

  • If the last part was confusing, it's just being allowed to have more selection within the army groups to sort by model, level, type, and other categories similar to how you would for all units.

  • Even then, what would the purpose be? Just have a little Sputnik icon floating at the top of the screen to reveal every army across the globe? The concept of the game and it's mechanics cannot and will not support a space unit. Even though WWII was technically a technological race, the game is focused more on the "blowing stuff up" part of it.

  • Again, no. Nuclear bombs were added in the game likely because of what they're intended to do. The concept of a weapon of mass destruction like a nuclear bomb is unconventional, and technically concrete bunkers could provide protection from the blast but realistically and conceptually nothing can protect you from a nuclear weapon or it's fallout effect. Unlike normal bullets, bombs, or munitions that have been in use for centuries.

  • I'm pretty sure they would revert immediately to core again in any scenario, and the military administration applies only to non-core provinces.

  • Have you seen my updated advanced army commands and brainstorming ideas posts?

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    Quote from russ_russ1: “Genshin impact has ruined this generation ” It was still funny right? My memes are literally the best.

  • As possible as victory for Steiner's Army.

  • Seeing the intelligence level of some people in the CoW community I highly doubt they have the mental capacity to create jokes or trolls...

  • The fallout is definitely a large area, but nowhere near large enough to have to defend against. Fallout shelters are just not a good idea anyways because nukes are a late game unit and if you want to get into the realistic aspect nobody in the province population would be ready for something as new as nuclear fallout. Even the US government kept the nukes secret until I think a few years after WWII or immediately after Hiroshima.

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  • I could see how this could be some kind of Wunderwaffe spy piece but how would it even work and why does it need to be added to a WWII game when Sputnik was made in 1957???

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    Nukes are such a late game unit, they are expensive, and they take time to make. I am not a master at this game but I'm guessing it's pretty rare to see more than 2 dozen nukes owned by a single nation unless in a special map.

  • That's just reverting the whole reason they added fallout in the first place. Also, looking on the realism side I don't think you could fit a whole army in a bunker strong enough to withstand a nuclear blast.