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  • Good day, comrades! We are recruiting new members for our alliance, and have left this post here for you all to review. INFORMATION: -We have alliance games often -Alliance communication (through alliance chat) is highly suggested, but not forced -We have no alliance elections, the leader remains the leader until he/she gives up their role Furthermore, we have some VERY strict rules: Game Rules: -You must only have ONE account -Do not bully, or harass anyone under ANY circumstance (applies for c…

  • To whom it may concern, The map hasn't appeared in the events or scenario rotation in a very long time, the map was probably one of my favorites. Furthermore, there are still 3 badges that are IMPOSSIBLE to unlock as you need to win "Mediterranean Theatre 1941" rounds to unlock it. Please Bytro, bring back this legendary game mode. -atomikos.

  • Send a message to @atomikos. using the in-game messaging system and within a week you will receive an alliance invite. You will receive a message containing the rules of the alliance on joining, make sure to read it thoroughly. Failure to comply with the rules will result in removal.