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  • Rare materials

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    Quote from Carking the 6th: “Yes it’s still 15k, I know for sure everything but rare is 15k, unless I’m just inebriated… ” Yep, all resources start as 15k. In fact, rare materials aren't much utilized at the start of the game...unless you invest in planes.

  • Absolutely! Cruisers are the mainstay of my navy as well. But I think Battleships aren't that bad either. Especially when they are levelled up to L3/4. The other day, I obliterated a stack of cruisers with just 2 L3 battleships. Against land units heavily upgraded battleships are of great use. It's better to build a fleet according to utility. For eg: If you take an inland country like Ukraine, you will be fighting and expanding on land most of the time. So there's no use wasting huge amounts of…

  • money

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    Quote from K.Rokossovski: “Quote from cycle9: “Quote from forrestgump007: “propaganda centers production increases ” no!prop. Offices only increase single province morale. industry increases both resource and money production. in general, the CoW 1.5 downgraded the value of most buildings. ” You're too used to having 100% morale! When your morale increases, all stuff that happens in the province (resource production, unit and building build time, etc etc) is better as well. ” Yeah I agree with t…

  • I prefer the commintern doctrine - It allows mass production of troops (low cost). I have noticed that spamming helps in this game a lot. It also enables you to put more resources to jazz up your economy. One con, might be the less damage part tho- you continuously need to research new levels to nullify the advantage your opponents have. Overall i have won whenever I have taken Russia or any similar nation.

  • Most units contest

    BLITZMARSHALLX - - General Discussions


    Quote from RiverWolf74: “Quote from GeneralAumSum: “Quote from RiverWolf74: “Quote from GeneralAumSum: “Quote from RiverWolf74: “Quote from GeneralAumSum: “I have a lot of luck in HWW I usually get japan or ussr or uk or germany or USA and with usa u have 20 core cities meaning u can produce a lot. The highest units I have had was 245 in arms race when call of war events came because of anniversary ” I once had 500 units as Soviet Union ” U start off with 150 units as soviets but when u merge th…

  • Same issue here- it shows the route where I intend it to go and doesn't actually move. Haven't got any concrete solutions for this glitch but hitting the refresh button certainly helps

  • On a classical 22-player map, go for SOUTHERN USA. With this country try to ally with/conquer the whole of America and conquer Cuba too. You almost never worry about your southern & eastern flank initially as the country is an ocean away from Europe, so focus on conquering North America. Next build up industries and stuff to get your economy in shape and plant subs for coastal protection, patrol the waters with naval bombers too. Simultaneously, create task forces and provide sufficient Airforce…

  • Well, all doctrines have their own strengths and weaknesses. But, I do think the Comintern doctrine has an edge over the axis one. Yes, sometimes Quantity is better than quality. -Cheaper troops help a lot early on in the game as they help lessen the pressure it puts on the economy, and 'troop damage' isn't something that matters early on. The comintern may not give damage but it doesn't matter when taking on smaller AI nations. The damage part however does show later on and if the player doesn'…