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  • Quote from Destructo the Great: “no it slows down tanks, use mot infantry for axis and armoured cars for others ” Yes, I agree with this. It could slow down tanks for sure! ___________________________________________…ieszczeniu-sie-sprawdzi/+

  • Best countries to start with?

    Bellissima - - Manual


    Quote from K.Rokossovski: “I personally hate Australia. When you come out on top of the Aus/NZ battles, or ally with them, you must expand North; and there you meet a field of PanAsians (superior navy) while you are Allied (worst navy in the game). Even if you win that battle, you must hop on and off all the islands there which costs a lot of time on its own. And when you finally make mainland Asia, the morale penalties for the distance to capital really start to bite. The only advantage really …

  • Quote from Intermolecular forces: “I never used commandos, but if bytro actually makes level 1 commandos have level 3 stealth, i will for sure use those to ambush my enemies. Other infantry units are better than commandos. But if this gets implemented this will make commandos useful for surprise attacks. But for now i will stick with militias to do the surprising, but until the update is made i will use them commandos. ” I never used commandos too, but for sure I'll try new option. _____________…

  • In fact doctrines of the titans are very likely part of Call of War. I also agree with the table about British tanks of World War II ___________________________________________

  • I like to use strategic bombers as anti-air too. In my opinion it is one of the most effective Anti-Air strategy. Building a big fighter force is also useful and even important, but it's not as easy as it sounds. In fact organize army in big stacks sounds great and promising in Anti-Air strategy so it can be worth it. ___________________________________________ Kraków - oferta profesjonalnego malarza

  • Shower thoughts

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    Has anyone ask why the answer to "what is love" is "baby don't hurt me"? I mean, it does make sense, but still... __________________

  • Favorite Computer

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    I mean, who doesn't like Computer? __________________

  • Dark Humor

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    An easy one: what's red and bad for your teeth? ... A brick. <badum tsss> __________________

  • Japan for sure __________________

  • Ain't no milk like chocolate milk __________________ Zobacz sypialnie z Kalwarii Zebrzydowskiej