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  • Thank you (and especially freezy) for this thread. There's another player in my current game urging me to trade provinces with a third player rather than attack and offer to give back the province after getting the drop. I asked about this in the help chat and the answer from the mods was what freezy says -- you can't get a supply drop by trading for province.

  • Release Notes - 2023-04-18

    clktex - - News


    Quote from Geden: “1681727563_news_images_27300.png Release Notes - 2023-04-18 Attention, General! Several important bug fixes have been released today. Upgraded units will no longer revert to level 1 on maps that start with upgraded units, such as Arm’s Race. Crafty players that prefer covert strategies no longer have to fear their plans being uncovered ahead of time. We fixed a bug that allowed un-allied players to observe each other’s stealth units. And while we are on the topic of invisibili…