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  • Their wealth and knowledge were not enough to save India from colonization, and China suffered from its century of humiliation. A culture that encourages human sacrifice and primitive ways is considered equal to a culture that conquered the world? With that Libtard logic, there's no point in further engaging in conversation with you.

  • Denying that the West didn't bring civilization is quite delusional. Africa, the Americas, and parts of Asia had extremely barbaric cultures that were stopped by the West. The world is unimaginably better because of Colonialism

  • You do raise a good point The Sexy and glorious nation of Albania or The Western countries bringing civilization? hmmmm it's tough choice but i would go with us bringing civilization

  • The West>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Everything No need to thanks us making the modern world

  • The Open Bar Chatroom

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    Pizza is overrated change my view

  • I highly recommend diving into the captivating world of Role-Play servers on Discord. The thrill of Role-Playing reaches new heights when you have fellow players who are equally enthusiastic and engaged

  • In a realm where valor would ignite, Python and The 6th clashed, their swords alight. Day and night, their battle raged on, Blows exchanged, a symphony of bronze. Python struck with venomous delight, The 6th stood strong, fearless in the fight. As dawn broke, exhaustion took hold, Both warriors agreed, a draw foretold. With respect, they bowed, their hearts alight, Python and The 6th, a bond ignites. Their tale of honor shall forever unfold, In battles fought true, a story to be told

  • I think adding your names to the original poem might have messed it up a bit, so I just made a new one. Using your names, I managed to make it shorter too.

  • Quote from Imperialist San arta: “Ok good to know that ai does this can it do more ” Ai is moving extremely rapidly in development these days

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “It’s like a legendary battle where both warriors decide to call it a draw over ruined fields… I should ask ChatGPT to write a poem… ” ChatGPT In a world of chaos, where ruins lay, Two warriors stood, in the twilight's gray. Battered and scarred, they faced each other, Their swords gleaming, brother against brother. Upon a field once lush, now torn and tattered, Their footsteps echoed, battle cries scattered. Their eyes met, fierce determination shown, For honor and g…

  • Need a Guide! Please

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    Probably start by learning how the game calculates Battles the battle calculator is really useful for that once you understand that aspect of the game. the only time you should lose a battle is when you have no other choice And the second point is scouting it's extremely useful scout your enemies 24/7 know their movements i recommend building interceptors for this reason

  • It would be nice if the calculator was updated to account for the new balance changes

  • I am very interested in this i do very much hope you can continue it to a successful conclusion

  • Quote from Fox-Company: “plus youve never played the side of the LT so you legit cannot say its bad ” Majority of people haven't taken Poison but they still know Poison is bad for you. i have to disagree with this particular argument

  • I know its sad but I am

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    Quote from z00mz00m: “Basically, are you a weed kind of guy, or a coke kind of guy. ” I'm British so i prefer Opium

  • I know its sad but I am

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    In my opinion the issue is more to do with people not having time. this game is alot of effort and it's time consuming especially when you are in a war against an active player.this is why it most likely always be an extremely niche game basically why would the average person stay active and play the game fully when they get more dopamine from playing games such as Call of Duty Or other more exciting and short term games.and on other note in the Thread *Deader than ever* some player were alludin…

  • It depends on what type of players you are facing are these competent good players? any strategy can be used and won against weak players even militia spam. so in the matches which you've used these tactics and won what type of players were they? do the meet the criteria for Good players? 1) are they experienced and high level? 2) did they have high K/D? 3) what's does their win rate look like? 4) what's does their territory won/lost look like? (5 this is not a must but it's bonus) what type of …

  • Alliance games are usually won by the team that basically sleeps less and is more active. AKA NO LIFE 101

  • Quote from freezy: “And in a week we can all be happy together again ” Probably, but please change the colors on the player stats. the fact that someone in the colors department went 'AH YES RED AND GREEN EVERYWHERE GO TOGETHER VERY NICELY' No offense but that is blasphemy if i have ever seen one

  • Quote from Ilyrian Order: “I didn't ask for any of you're suggestions. Neither you're cliche quotes. ” You ain't getting nobody to support your crusade if you are acting like that