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  • Shared intelligence allows you to see the shared maps of other players. Ill shall present my own scenario: Lets say you player A is an alliance with players B, C, and D. They all decide to share maps with each other. Player A decides to be a double agent for his alliance, and gives "shared intelligence" to you. By doing this you are now able to see the maps of players A,B,C and D. Now if you give shared intelligence to another player, you are given your shared map along with any shared map you h…

  • Yes that is true.

  • What about the players who never check chat? Or never notice the whisper? I think there is a /whisper (username) command to whisper someone, not sure if they have to be online or not.

  • Yes. It is back up now.

  • To have a type of box(like in FP) that notifies players of such things, including various other things would be useful.

  • Just have patience, it wont be long before the issue is resolved.

  • Quote from Dixie: “it feels like an era has passed. the new "feel" of the game is not as fun as it was. i wish you werent leaving squiggs ” Indeed it has... Good luck fellas.

  • T'was fun! Congrats, and good luck. You will have many more fun times. But as for now, I am like a squiggle on the wind drifting here and there. The brudership has been broken. You are a free leprechan.

  • It doesn't show that for me.

  • Quote from John Hollande: “I'm going to miss you Squiggles. I have had some good chats with you. One question will you still be able to play on Conflict of Nations. If so I might join. My friend says that you play that game. Squiggles, you have helped me so much throughout my gaming experience. I am going to miss you. Goodbye Squiggles! Your friend John Hollande ” This means so much to me! The love and support from the community has really kept me going for so long. I am glad to have served you …

  • Quote from Generallhicks: “you will be missed by this player sir a lot good luck on the next gig where ever that may be ” Thank you, I appreciate it.

  • Quote from purplepizza117: “bye mcsgiggles you meannt the world 2 me! you were my 1st repsonse other than Butter Ball bill so I was like oh no but then you came and I was like wow I can stay here becauyse people like Mcsgiggles were so nicwe 2 me. bye squiggles!!!!! have fun weherever you going! ” You cant expect a guy with this username to be mean, right? Seriously though, Ive known you for so long. We have had some great conversations too. I forgot to mention ya in my first post, so this will …

  • Quote from BRDubbs: “It has indeed been a pleasure Sir McSquiggles! I wish you the best in all your future endeavors. ” Thank you! I wish you the same. Thanks for being my staff buddy as long as you have.

  • Dear friends, co-workers, buddies, enemies, former bosses, cat-lovers, Well, this is it. It has been a fun ride. Roughly two years ago, I joined Call of War. A lone Squiggle, lost and unknowing. I was taken in by fellow members of the community and accepted amongst the friendly folk.For months I remained a fun loving,helpful citizen of chat, until I was asked to apply for staff by the support team. My first application was rejected, but the second was successful. I was in, a GO for the EN team. …

  • Quote from Dr. Leipreachan: “Winners will need to fight tooth and nail ” I don't know who these tooth and nail fighters are, but I will defeat them!!! thanimated-nail.jpg

  • Quote from Taikhos: “My vote is for a Squiggle gender. ” Quote from King Draza Mihajlovic: “1 like=1 vote ” I need more support and we can make my dream come true! I feel oppressed whenever I see the game refer to me as a "him'! I am a Squiggle! #Squigglelivesmatter #Freethesquigs

  • I identify with a Squiggle. Why doesn't it announce my Squiggly awesomeness when I win???

  • I couldn't agree more Brian. As the user requested, I have deleted his account. This thread will now be closed.

  • I suggest for the future, folks should answer privately through a google form perhaps.

  • Quote from SirAmerican: “Well, Squiggles speaks American accent. I think you really have a unique accent, Squiggles . To be honest, I try to speak British English, as for me I think it sounds better than American one ” Very interesting. So basically you said, "You have a nice accent Squiggles...buuuuutttttt I like the british accent better"