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  • Just got a message about round 2708791. The message reads: You've been removed from game 2708710 since you did not log in within ten minutes. I was dropped into Italy and I could see all of this territory. I could open up research and the inventory panels. I even added some buy orders to the market. Why did I get removed?

  • Some last thoughts: There has been several time when I have captured a country and some of the defeated country's ground, air or sea units have been stranded. It would be a bonus if they can be subsumed in to the winning sides forces either as part of the nearest city Or better yet become 'Freelancers' not tied into the inventory use. They could self repair but you can not add to their number or if they are added to a group they turn into normal units. Tied to this idea is the defeated country's…

  • I as able to enter two rounds. But in 2708290 I am not able to select N. India telling me that access to the game is temporarily unavailable. The other round 2708791 dropped me into Italy randomly. It has a message telling me that this is day 0 and no orders can be given. So, I wait to see how this round plays out. So I am waiting for round 2708791 to start. Then for round 2708290 to let me be N. India and start my play. Can you fix 2708290; this would be helpful. Thanks

  • No trouble entering a new round, just not the one I thought to join at the start of this thread. There is a resent error I ran into in an old game I am still playing. For a reason I can not explain there was a use of my gold for an action within the espionage panel. I am not sure why but I suspect that when I clicked on a region instead of opening up the region it dropped through and click on the gold panel icon and gobbled some and told me there was no more infrastructure to damage. WTF!!! A si…

  • Does this mean that I can enter the game? or do I submit a report and a support ticket?

  • Sought to enter Game 2704572. As of this message still day 0. Will not open and let me choose a country. At the time of this message there are 8 players in the round.