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  • Quote from WascallywabbitCDN: “Nuclear bombs, in WW2, were too large to fit into the tip of a missile, hence the need to transport them in B-29s. It wasn't til well after the war that miniaturization of nukes allowed them to fit into missiles ” Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner . . . .

  • Favourite Drink?

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    Quote from WarOnTheMoon: “But My Dad Says Bud Lights the best alcohol ” Your dad needs to get out more.

  • Most Admired Second World War Hero

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    Lewis B. Puller -- the Marines' Marine.…1d019ca6cfa83a93ae989d88a My father was a U.S. Navy Seabees officer who defended Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, with Chesty Puller's Marines in 1942. Despite inter-service rivalries, my father, for the duration of his life, never had a single bad thing to say about service members of the U.S. Marine Corps. Two of my father's sons -- my older brothers -- volunteered for the Marines during later conflicts. After I graduated from…

  • And is there a collective noun for the Cannuck(s)? You know, like a pod of whales, murder of crows, or school of fish? If not, I would like propose one: a pub of Cannuck(s).

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “Cannuck(s) ” Is that like "moose" or "fish" -- is the proper plural the same as the singular?

  • And I call this one, "My girlfriend parallel parking the boat":…1d019ca6cfa83a93ae989d88a

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “No there is not elite unit but we have 4 active Canadians in the forum. Me, @revengegirl, @WascallywabbitCDN and @Killer8282. You can hire us for in game elite commandoing ” Thanks. If I'm in need of the All-Cannuck COW SAS, I know who to call.

  • Quote from WascallywabbitCDN: “There are called Canadians ” Canadian SAS, etc., are very good. But don't be cocky about it -- some of us remember the story of the Dieppe raid.

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “Coming attraction. ” Do air drops have blueprints for this coming attraction, or can I stop chasing air drops in inconvient territory now that I have completed my paratrooper unit blueprint set?

  • Is there such a thing as an "elite" commando unit? If not, why is it shown on the blueprints page, as a set of blueprints to be collected in airdrops? If so, is it like the bonus track at the end of a CD? Because I certainly can't find a unit spec sheet or research cycle for it.

  • Quote from WascallywabbitCDN: “I agree they should have no attack value vs naval units but at the same time, locking an enemies ships up in a naval melee and then killing them with rockets is a guilty pleasure lol ” Back in the old days, we had AI phantom pirate fleets from AI countries that had been completely conquered, randomly destroying unescorted convoys of newbies who thought they were already safe from that AI. One of my guilty pleasures was to find those 10 and 15-unit AI naval stacks a…

  • Quote from patriota75: “OK, but I still do not get it. example, you use one rocket on a stack of 8 destryers, 4 crusers, 4 battleship and 3 aircraft carriers and you destroy one destryer, In stats rocet makes 22 damage and destroyer has 75 HP, so how it works? ” WW2-era rockets should have no attack values vs. naval units, because they could barely hit the broad side of London, let alone an individual regiment size unit in the field. Or a moving destroyer. LOL You know the Germans only tried to …

  • Thanks, @patriota75, but freezy has provided the inside dope, including the exact answer I was seeking. Freezy's extended explanation above is well worth taking a few minutes to read and absorb.

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “also if your first volley damaged the airbase turning the planes into convoys ” No, sir, L1 air base was still intact (5/5 hit points) until my units captured it, and aircraft unit was not a truck convoy. Obviously truck convoys are easier to kill (and treated as ground units) because of the reduced hit points from 20 for a fighter unit to 5 as a truck convoy. That was not the scenario here. I had a very specific question, and freezy wins the Cup!

  • Quote from freezy: “For basic artillery: Since it is twice as strong when attacking compared to defending, this means that the attack damage vs. aircraft is twice the damage it uses for defending vs. aircraft. So 2.0 when attacking aircraft. ” Thank you, @freezy. That's the answer I'm seeking. Your extended answer and explanation were helpful and educational as background. Thank you for that, as well. I was getting many previous opinions, educated guesses, and extrapolations from other scenarios…

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “In practice: Regular artillery do very little damage to planes parked on the ground, SP arty are better for that purpose by a little. It still takes a lot of time or a lot of firepower. ” My five-unit battery of artillery killed aircraft unit in two ticks.

  • Please see screenshot from in-game newspaper below:…1d019ca6cfa83a93ae989d88a Please note that the aircraft (17th Fighter Squadron) was destroyed on the ground at 5:21 am GMT. Fifteen minutes later, the armored car unit guarding the air base/province was also destroyed at 5:36 am GMT. When the artillery bombardment ceased, the L1 airbase was still 100% intact. And, yes, I watched the whole thing in real time. This is one of those twice-speed "tutorial" games played…

  • Gentlemen, to be perfectly clear: 1. aircraft unit is on the ground; 2. aircraft unit is fully refueled; 3. air base is fully functional (100% completed L1 or above); 4. artillery is bombarding the base from a distance; 5. air base is not damaged sufficiently to convert aircraft units to truck convoys; 6. air base is not captured by enemy units, nor contested in battle by enemy units; 7. if player (or AI) were not asleep at the switch, aircraft unit could be flown away at any time prior to its d…

  • Clearly, given enough time, artillery will destroy fully refueled aircraft units that remain on the ground. And, no, I am not talking about un-fueled aircraft, or aircraft in truck convoy form that are grounded by virtue of a damaged airbase . . . . So, where do I go to find the artillery vs. aircraft on the ground attack value? Are aircraft being bombarded as such treated as ground units?

  • Quote from WascallywabbitCDN: “To the point that he would refuse time off lol ” Oh, I'm not so sure about that. You apparently just haven't had the right girlfriend. Sometimes a little down time, sleep and electrolytes are required to keep up.