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  • I like those picture, like it is the end of the world.:)

  • Screen Error

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    Same here, i cannot put in any picture. I do not know why.

  • Quote from attacker101: “1 month per day? that would be awful. your troops would move so fast, like going across 2 countries in 2 hours. troops movement and research time would be like, 2 sec. and it would be like a speed round on steroids. ” True, unless you change it too fast action game. Which is easy to code but way too weird. It would be a awful big change to the game.

  • Quote from FoRsAkEnCaRd: “A few interesting concept for game modes/etc. 1. Kind of like the All Countries:All in mode, it would be interesting to see a mode where you are limited to only selecting the minor 3rd world countries and small usually unplayable AI nations. 2. Objective based mode: Time is close to the end of the war. You must take and hold key areas (forts,etc) that belong to the Germans/axis in a race for intel/etc. 3. Similar to number 2 but the major allied nations are split into r…

  • Asian maps?

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    Quote from Desert_fox98: “Its kind of strange, that there are no asian maps at all, like the ww kind of not happened there. All what we got is an 50p non historical pacific map, what (on my opinion) is not enough. The maps what i suggest: 1. non historical 10p map, like the road to war 1932 map in europe, with a playable japan, 2-4 chineese fraction, USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Australia, india 2. Histroic world war 1942(10p map): after pearl harbour 3. pacific theather(2p map) Japan vs. USA: …

  • Quote from General Nightman: “I was going to vote... until I realized that enhanced graphics were actually enchanted. Can't risk being cursed. ” Quote from General Nightman: “I was going to vote... until I realized that enhanced graphics were actually enchanted. Can't risk being cursed. ” No-one will know who voted for it only the amount will be shown

  • I have the same problem.

  • We are still recruiting so...

  • I do not really get it, can you please explain more?

  • New Building Ideas

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    Quote from WayneBo: “CoW is already too much about buildings, and too little about combat. Trenches have been suggested before, and as BM pointed out, are still in use, but at the platoon, squad and team level. CoW is Bn, Rgt, BDe level, so N/A. ” Not necessarily, take a look at New World Empires, it consist of more.

  • New Building Ideas

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    Quote from iDragons: “1. it is I and I'm here to talk about some ideas for new buildings. Yes? Yes. Financial Center -Visually, this building would basically be a cluster of towers, like the skyscrapers in London's finance districts. I can only be constructed in urban provinces(cities). -It would cost 50,000 money, 12,000 goods and 1,500 steel to build, have a build time of three days, and it would have 15 HP. This building would only have one level. -This building would boost economic(money) ou…

  • In many coalition, it is called BETRAYAL.

  • We are now recruiting anyone at any level may come, we need to discuss then enter the battle field. Please come and join us. SOLIDER 247 Leader WENRYAN Officer THE HUNTER Officer THEBRAIN515 Member BOOZO Member New rankings available or possibly available. Senior members/core people, because some people here can be promoted. Members (at least 5 of them) Levels: Any level, just be a TEAM. We do not have any requirements.

  • Quote from m1tanker632: “Ok, I am an OIF veteran. Why you? ” You shall join us we are always here!

  • Quote from BMfox: “Quote from Little Racoon: “ ” Little Racoon "crazy goldspenders" sounds like gold denounce to me and can lead to a perma ban. I have edited the post. ” Did you mistaken me for that? I am not sure what happened last week.

  • Anti Air

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    People have different opinions toward things, some people think having it like artillery is good. Let them, let the game thrive and prosper with better ideas.

  • Which kind of graphic do you use.

  • Supremacy 1914 went mobile

    RYANWEN - - Off Topic


    Quote from Kanaris: “Seriously I am kind of pissed off the Supremacy interface is so much better than CoW. Smoother, cleaner, crisper I freaking love it! Why cant we have that in CoW?!? ” It is kind of like time... For example this period of time for instance, WWII is at 1945 which the interface menu is like that... The new world empires is like 14ish which is really good and rough as you say. Supremacy 1914 i have no idea why it is like that... Unique?

  • Quote from JesterTheSheep: “Quote from RYANWEN: “ ” You talking about me? Cuz I only have one account. ” Sorry, i replied to the wrong thread.

  • Block!

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    Quote from Little Racoon: “Oof. I was not really surprised, but that irony... one minute joking about another person being blocked and the next minute getting blocked. Poor Ryanwen. I believe it was because of TOO much replying Oh yes, if you want to get a message across but forgot to add another point, remember there is an edit button. ” I am blocking someone not being blocked, you kinda missed the point.