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  • this needs to GO!

    z00mz00m - - General Discussions


    Oh, snap!

  • That sounds amazing. The other useful feature of border lines is that you can target them with nukes. If an enemy stack is within the kill radius of the nuke, bam bam!

  • Quote from Ignatio Oddball: “Sounds more like you don't know how to use militia.They were nerfed for a reason, you know ” Your comment was unintentionally funny.

  • UK HWW

    z00mz00m - - Questions and Answers


    Cruisers are most useful in the open sea, away from friendly air cover. At home, your air force should be advanced enough to keep the Luftwaffe in check. If not, you have bigger problems. Make sure you focus on the big picture. Your navy exists to serve your larger strategic goals. This game is all about choices, and making the best use of limited resources and research time.

  • Artillery was OP going back to CoW 1. In those days, there was no rocket arty, so the gun arty was the undisputed queen of damage. The unit was nerfed in CoW 2 with the introduction of rocket arty and a drop to gun arty stats. It was still popular, so much so that Bytro nerfed it at least 3 more times, either by increasing costs or decreasing damage output. It's still an extremely popular unit, because free damage is free damage. It's important to understand the history, because the current situ…

  • UK HWW

    z00mz00m - - Questions and Answers


    Tibet, militia, artillery, naval bombers, all signs point to a good player

  • Quote from freezy: “Quote from Lord Crayfish: “Excellent . Does this include Rhodes' problem (if it exists)? ” Was only talking about the bug of rockets being shot down. I am not aware of a bug with aircraft taking too much damage or dealing too much damage, concrete evidence would have to be presented first. ” Defensive AA damage seems to be multiplied by ~10x when the attacking bombers use direct attack. Patrol damage is not affected. Details on the Alliance World Cup channel:…

  • Another way to phrase Python's post: Please consider updating the guide to reflect recent militia/commando/stealth balancing changes. Thank you

  • Game number: 8593166 Attacker is a cruiser. 2 defenders in range, a stack of infantry on the shore and a single AA in the city center. The infantry is closer to the cruiser. I set the bombardment target to the AA unit. After the cruiser fires, the target changes to the infantry stack. I have to reset the target every 30 minutes to ensure the cruiser fires at the desired target. This feels like a new bug, less than 2 weeks old. Targets did not change in the past, unless the bombardment unit moved…

  • Quote from Ignatio Oddball: “Militia was just nerfed. Otherwise I'd say that is your short term counter. But if this is a game older than 2 days, you could still do it. ” This is thee worst answer possible. What if Venezuela is using upgraded infantry, which mop the floor with militia? What if they are using rocket arty, which beats all unarmored units? You have to understand what you're facing and adapt your response.

  • This is the historical map, correct? On this map, the middle of South America is useless jungle. The screen shot doesn't say anything. The question you should ask is: What is the enemy using, and what can I do to counter his army? It's all about the army. Killing his units at little or no cost to your own units. That's what wins maps. The background color of remote provinces means nothing.

  • I don't know. That map is always an S show. Toxic noob takes Germany, launches a reckless attack in all directions, gets bored and leaves. Until there's a min level requirement to take one of the major powers, the map will remain unplayable.

  • USA is overpowered on the HWW map. The amount of resources and manpower that USA can produce makes it almost unstoppable in the hands of a good player. USSR is almost as strong, but it starts between Germany and Japan, so the USSR player has to fight for survival. USA can just play the long game. Develop the economy, research advanced units, and then just steamroll everyone. The best fix for those double resource cities is not to have them at all.

  • Eeny Meeny...

    z00mz00m - - General Discussions


    Depends on your research levels and unit counts. If you have enough artillery to knock out stacks of AI units, then Germany should be pretty easy. That's all you really need to fight AI countries: ranged units. It's not hard, just takes a bit of discipline, and you should be able to take Germany without losing a single unit.

  • The funny thing about "range" is that hitting a small target that's zig zagging at speed is pretty hard. Capital ships could, and did, land kill shots on destroyers. But more often than not, they missed, and destroyers fired off their torpedoes before getting destroyed. In essence, the effective range of the combatants was quite similar. The only thing keeping destroyers from getting in range was a sense of self preservation. Of course, large caliber naval guns were better for suppressing army u…

  • Under 15 km for maximum range, not necessarily maximum effective range, but sure. Land based artillery could easily surpass that. And keep in mind, at maximum range, you didn't get pinpoint accuracy, you get something more suitable for saturation fire. What you need to suppress large army formations. In essence, land based artillery had greater effect at longer ranges AND land based artillery had bigger guns than destroyers. Destroyers could move around quickly and get close to shore. This was e…

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “It would make no sense. Why should destroyers have shorter range than artillery, which have far smaller (and shorter range) guns in real life? That’s unrealistic. Having a decent naval unit (that is easily blown up unless you are active enough anyway) is cool and all, but having their ranges artificially reduced is honestly weird. ” The standard 5 inch gun on a destroyer had a range of less than 10 km. Land artillery came in many different sizes. The smaller calibers…

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “Destroyers with 30km ranges though? That would get out ranged by mere land artillery. This was not the case in real life.. cruisers are strong because they can still match land units and use their ship armor class to their advantage. This gets pretty muffled with short range destroyers, which apart from perhaps fighting convoys really wouldn’t add ALL that much to them… ” Are you kidding? Let me shoot and scoot transports and subs with destroyers, and I might serious…

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “If we were to do that, it would be best to re-add the 50 km range that they used to have. Adding something like 30 is equally useless- they’ll just be outranged. At least being able to somewhat damage cruisers would be helpful. ” Are cruisers useless because battleships have longer range guns? No! Cruisers are quire popular with expert players. The speed, AA defense, and better anti-sub attack values make cruisers very dangerous. Giving a small bombardment range to d…