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  • Best country?

    mikwcas - - Questions and Answers


    Hi all, I was just thinking about something along these lines so thanks! I've been in three games so far and each time i've been given canada to control. So far I am 3-0 so it has been good for me. Actually in this third one I am in everyone else quit and it is now only day 26 so boo. But I must say having that big pond between has been probably yhe most helpful thing. Southern US probably is very similar to canada as it doesn't open the whole two front war. Well anyhow I just wished I had more …

  • Well being the intellectual that I am, lol, I went ahead and looked a little into it and here is what I found. Manpower never changes regardless of moral in a province. After taking Tallahasee in a game I am currently in here is what I have noted. At 31%moral the cash was 853 oil was 654 and manpower was 78. After about 5 days moral was at 90% cash was 1814 oil was1279 and manpower was 78 with lvl1 infrastructure and Ind Complex in the province, so yes moral makes a difference in resources but a…

  • So province morale makes a difference on resource output then? How about with province cash and manpower and morale? Thanks for the above, Patton... ^5

  • Yeah that happened to me once in my last game, i believe it was Agridar in west africa that showed 0 food production and didn't change.

  • Thanks! never noticed that before

  • Hi all just wondering id the day change in the game is based on GMT? I'm in eastern standard and in my second round and still am not to clear as to the actual time of a day change though i have somewhat pinned down to between 6-9pm est. thanks...