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  • Please describe some of your best rollplay's you have had with the standard normal players. The most fun for me was rolling as Mexico. Ruled by Naco Cheesy Gordita Crunch. I even bribed nations against a common enemy by granting them 3 holy tacos (3 food) as bribery. Team America rollplay is always fun to depending on the map. I love when there is shit talking in the newspaper. Makes it more fun for everyone. Please share your funny stories. If you don't have any go make some

  • Naval Warfare

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    Can we please have a island map designed for naval warfare? I would love to have a map placed in Indonesian islands. Have everyone start with 6 cruisers and 2 destroyers. Ideally there would enough ships for the players to start fighting but not enough to wipe out island populations. Give all players plenty of starting resources to start training other ship types. Island hopping warfare might be interesting. Let me know your thoughts.

  • Python: 1 are you implying my other ideas are garbage 2 are you an Eve player? o7

  • When you are building units sometimes you run short on resources. When this happens you have two options. Use gold or go to the market and purchase what you need. Can we please have a button so purchase what items are needed? You could show the total price of the resources needed. Press this button it would start construction and purchase whats needed. This would save users a lot of time. It would also make it so you don't need to remember how many units are needed exactly.

  • Quote from _Pyth0n_: “Quote from RookOnzo: “On the game maker end you would have to create a unit page that pops up. Really design it to tickle the OCD customization possibly even skins so users can identify the changes so you know where to send your units. On a game side of this the RNG would change slightly. Players could play the game just as they are now but those who are detail oriented and like tinkering with load outs could have a benefit for their time. ” So basically, you want to remove…

  • I asked myself what makes you care about your units? What makes you send them into battle without paying any attention? Right now units are simply a number moving across the screen. These units hold a base stat when the system hits the RNG. Soul less heartless and disconnected. My idea is to add unit customization. Just like you choosing to add hit points to your units you could click something that breaks down the unit details. From here you should be able to granular change items about your un…

  • Nuking on Water

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    Quote from noblebright: “Yes. Thats why nukes do damage to ships and subs on the info tab. Stupid question to ask. ” Noble eat a Snickers.

  • Can you sign me up for Italy?

  • I died. Communism must be stopped. Have fun guys.

  • LEts GOooooooooo

  • This has been the most dramatic game start ever. I only hope the RP is just as exciting. There have been spies false flags all kinds of stuff. I hope the people doing the work dont get worn out. It will all be worth it. Live and learn. RP takes effort to get going. Its a blast when everything comes together. Looking forward to starting soon.

  • RP user customization

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    Please work a little with the RP folks devs. RP guys use this post to let them know how to make your lives easier. Off the top of my head: *Admin users could preset any unit type to any location. This would allow for realistic historical combat. Users could also be free to make the fun loony stuff to happen. * Make RP stuff free without Gold needed or at least make it optional for admins. Serious games could still require it to narrow down the riff raft. * Speaking of trolls for the love of all …

  • Quote from Taffyta Muttonfudge: “I just got a great idea - if USSR doesn't cooperate, we can RP something like the Crusades, where countries around the world send troops to fight them. Maybe we could somehow play out a scenario where various nations have "colonies" in Russia. ” Cool idea. We could have a UN action to overthrow a madman. Play it out. Its even more exciting not knowing what the result would be. If this were to happen historically i thing Germany would have had an incredible advant…

  • Im active and want my spot. It took me a while to join away from the PC. Apparently I cant see conversations from my mobile. All good now though. I am in and logged in.

  • I haven’t learned how to speak authentic Chinese yet!

  • Political Discussions

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    Quote from russ_russ1: “I mean man, can you rephrase? I don’t quite get what you’re saying @RookOnzo ” I am a free speech purest. I know that words can hurt I just personally fear the consequences of a filtered society over one that is dangerously free. If a filter exists someone seeking power will push to control the filter to their advantage. In today's day and age algorithms can sway conversation to make one side appear more powerful or to make one particular side disappear completely. Its al…

  • I was playing a American - Homefront game and the strangest thing happened. The guy next to me shot me a message saying that I could have his land. He will move his troops out and I can just roll in. I messaged him back saying hey this is a strange tactic wtf are you doing? He mentioned watching adds. I asked if he was just trolling for gold or something. He responded that he had already maxed out at gold at 130,000 from the ads. He then explained that he is just after booster cards. He played a…

  • Political Discussions

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    Free speech even hate speech. If you cant handle spicy words or images you were raised wrong. Buckle up buttercup the worlds is a scary mean place that doesn't care about you. We as a species have become soft.

  • Im currently playing a Europe Clash of Nations map as America in the TEAM AMERICA coalition of course. We invaded Italy. I posted: Now that Team America is the rightful owner of the country formally identified as Italy. Spaghetti sauce will be hence forth replaced with delicious yellow nacho sauce. Italian sausage has now been replaced by ball park frank hotdogs. You are welcome, America

  • Quote from Talvisota: “Quote from RookOnzo: “TEAM AMERICA HERE ” Aight imma trigger you, ready? CANADA IS BETTER ” A-10 > Mounties