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  • The Bomber patrolled the area and then the unit showed up. i then targeted the unit directly and my bomber attacked within 2 minutes. I saw the atomic video, but the unit was still there with no damage and there was never a mention of a nuclear strike in the newspaper.

  • Hello, I did a Nuclear Bomber attack on my opponent's Medium tank division and I did no damage. My bomber is gone, but nothing happened to the target. Attaching a screen shot that shows a big creator where the attack happened, but nothing else happened. Except the nuclear attack video.

  • Great! Thanks for the help!

  • Noob here trying to find my way. I captured my opponents capital, but was unable to hold it. Does my opponent get the resources back that I originally received? And do I get them back if I retake it? Now, I'm getting ready to attack again, but I can't find his capital. I thought he moved it, but I can't find it anywhere. Does he no longer have a capital? And what does that mean for him for the rest of the game? Thanks for your help. Voodoo Blu