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  • You would need to provide info on what units enemy has, and what are available to you to answer that question. My guess is he has some fast stack in your terrain, so all you can do is make some planes, hit it hard from air with patrol while blocking the stack with 2 or more At

  • stats update

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    Stats display is currently bugged. If you press F5 few times it should be fixed for you, Bytro did announcement that they are migrating their databases and this should fix this problem. Here's a mod saying this on forum Achievement statistics NOT added

  • if I am correct they are working on migrating the player stats database to new system, which should fix the problem, but it's bytro, so it can take some time

  • To overcome that you can spam f5 in your browser untill your rank displays propperly. It's a problem for a few months already, so i hope they will fix it soon. Usually at summer there is a spike of players that are looking for game to kill their time over the break, so my guess is they are in hurry to fix it before that happens

  • This is usually not a good choice for starting players, as they often forget about their second game, especially on mobile. But if you get some experience one small map is usually not enough for you, so you can play few simultaneously, or one tournament game where the level of play is higher. Some even play 2 tournament games at once

  • You can also hoover over your land on patrol, they don't need to land on it Edit: You actually can't heal planes while they are starting from aircraft carrier, so to answer your question: They need to start from a land airbase, and be over your own teritory on daychange. Not sure if allied airbases work, did check only with my own.

  • If I'm correct there was an announcement that they are migrating player stats to new database and will do it in batches. So they are working on it, and you don't need to remind them about it every year type of situation

  • Infrastructure

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    it was correct untill the end of december, I've used it to catch up to enemy troops on one map back then, but since then the game was updated a bit, and also the engine was ported to supremacy 1914 and then their bugfixes were ported back to CoW with some other improvements, and I had no time to do research on what was fixed and what was left out

  • why not? I get first military building down and then while im building industry I can start producing units too

  • 40 minutes for first army building, then 1st industry in provinces if i can afford them.

  • Infrastructure

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    It increases speed of every single unit that sees it, which means it speeds up only your units, until enemy spots the center of your province and sees it for himself. Then he gets the buffed speed too

  • From the RTS approach, commies are the perfect zerg doctrine. They can produce a lot of units quick and cheap. I once produced 100 ints lvl 1 and upgraded them to 5 quickly, other time a guy had 10 stacks of 5 cars + 5 light tanks. If he weren't against a skilled player he would stomp the game. In CoW all doctrines have a counter, at least at some point of the game (there is 1 strat that has none, but it's hard to get)

  • Good to see you back, you can dm me on discord if you think you are ready for a rematch. Also your discord invite is not available anymore, try to put new one, that will not dissappear

  • hello, that might be because you are fresh alliance with no established renown. Also stating some basic rules in your request would be nice, like gold/no gold allowed (usually no gold for avas), number of players per team, peace against AI and between players etc. U can also state if you are experienced players or just freshly started, so teams can decide on fielding the recruits or weteran players. oh, and also Christmas incoming

  • To my knowledge there is no such thing, especially now, that bytro got aliases working. The closest workaround is that in alliance there may be max 20 players. If you spot 2 ppl from the same alliance, you can look at their alliance members, and put their nicknames in the gamesearch bar. This will reveal all the maps they are playing on the language server, which means you can check if they are on yours too

  • If i'm correct map needs 6 players to be counted as ranked, so 3v3 is minimial

  • For now I see it as: Economic sabotage -> military sabotage.-> revolts

  • good to know, was not aware

  • Ranked Games

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    Maybe try tournament's, like Players League or make an alliance with your buddies, and try AWC