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  • The recent problems with players losing rank and statistics have highlighted an issue in chat: moderators frequently have to make the same comments over and over and over. Every 30 seconds during busy hours someone has been asking "what happened to my rank!!" and some poor moderator adds to his carpal tunnel syndrome by telling him "It's a bug, It affects everyone, it will get fixed, be patient, blah, blah, blah." I mean HUNDREDS of times a day they have to make the same exact comment. Sure, mos…

  • Honestly, I think you can do better than stack all the spies in an unoccupied province. It doesn't matter where they are, so long as they're in the right country, they still get their ~25% chance of reveal units. Why not place them where they can mess with your enemy's day? What does it hurt if they damage the occasional naval base or something? I say scatter them around where they can do more potential damage. Check your spy report daily, and if they actually damage a facility, assume the enemy…

  • Panzer-storm

    dantheterrible - - Alliance Introductions


    I am DanTheTerrible in game. I don't think the caps matter. Yeesh, is Carking the 6th Mikey's opposite number? He apparently likes everything.

  • Panzer-storm

    dantheterrible - - Alliance Introductions


    I messaged the -TWW-Iron Monkey- leader. Is there a better way to join? I can't seem to find an "apply" button.

  • Well, at the moment the anti-fortress unit is commandos, as I see it. And they hardly ever get built. It's just simpler to drag up some artillery (any ranged, really) and blast fortresses into rubble, and unlike commandos artillery are far from a niche unit. The game certainly doesn't need another niche anti-fortress unit.

  • Panzer-storm

    dantheterrible - - Alliance Introductions


    Is panzer-storm still active and accepting applications? I am a long term player, I've played in sporadic bursts since the CoW classic days. I think it is perhaps time I looked into alliances. Edit: I am not a corporal, the game is currently bugged regarding levels. If I remember correctly I am actually level 55 or a bit higher.

  • Honestly, I don't know how you even get a 1st place win except maybe in the introductory 22 player Europe games. In my last coalition win, 50 player game, I controlled about 23% of the map but was on the verge of having to spam propaganda centers to keep revolts down. A solo win would be twice that territory ... eek.

  • Turkey. Surrounded by a zillion minors, and a good position near the corner of the map. And I think it's axis doctrine, often considered the best due to across the board unit bonuses.

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “As a producible unit with more and spread out levels called marines. ” That would be my preference. Real amphibious tanks have never been very useful in any time period. Though I do appreciate the devs picking the Valentine over the Sherman; though much weaker as a tank the amphibious part of the British valentines apparently worked much better than on the DD Shermans. Marines could just be another infantry sort, like paratroops. Having flame tanks added to the "secr…

  • I have been playing this game quite a long time, since before there was a "Call of War II" in the "Call of War: classic" days. How spies work has changed in that time, I think at least twice. I am not a good enough statistician to prove this, but here is my take on the success rate of military espionage spies. I think the success rate of each spy is 25% or something very close to it. The total success rate is the chance that at least one spy succeeds; which is to say 1 - (.25)^(number of spies).…

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “Hmm… not bad. Could be interesting to try… I wonder what the map might look like. Perhaps you could also drag China and India into this? ” Yeah, I'd like it to include all Eurasia, I'm just not familiar enough with China and India history to really comment meaningfully.

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “I’m not sure if all those doctrines really overlap in the same time period, though… ” Oh, to be sure. Carthage was crushed centuries before the Parthians became a recognized thing, and Egypt became very Greekified after Alexander conquered it. But they are all iron age cultures and recognizably distinct to the casual history nerds. You might even have multiple doctrine sets -- early: Greek (hoplites)[early Romans fight like Greeks] vs Egypt (chariots and archers) vs …

  • Quote from Donk2.0: “Quote from Donk2.0: “Bytro strategy games: CoN - Modern Era/Late Cold War CoW - World War Two/Early Cold War S1914 - World War One New World Empires - Age of Exploration/Napoleonic era (Discontinued) 30 Kingdoms - Middle Ages (Discontinued) But does anyone remember what was meant to be their age of exploration/Napoleonic era game... New World Empires?…-launches-into-open-beta/ Seems to have been discontinued at some point, the link for it now j…

  • Quote from -VIP-: “maby that started then... not sure go farther back.. bronze age!!! ” I totally misread your post. I thought you wrote "Iron Angel." Which apparently isn't even a thing, I was thinking of something else : ) Sure, Iron Age would be good. Roman legions, triremes, war elephants, catapults ...

  • Quote from That polish guy: “Cold War ” Like Vietnam era? Not sure there is much to distinguish it from Call of War and Conflict of Nations.

  • Quote from -VIP-: “Iron Age!! ” Is that one of those manga things where the Napoleonic war was fought by teenage Japanese girls? Not a fan, I'd prefer something that tries to be historic.

  • Personally I'd like to see Napoleonic.

  • Sigh. This sucks. Well I guess I have a clue how to avoid the problem now.

  • Deceptive units

    dantheterrible - - Suggestions / Criticism


    I suggest the developers add a feature that makes it possible to somehow create deceptive units that do not actually exist but serve only to confuse the enemy. This was actually done in the real world during WW2. Most famously, an elaborate setup of mock-up tanks and equipment, some inflatable, others cobbled together from logs and plywood and even bedsheets, all painted realistically, was created in SouthEast England during the lead-up to D-day. The famous General Patton was placed in charge of…

  • I see, thanks. The lego version is great!