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  • In my opinion, there are other facts of importance than "single border" to win homeworld. Especially to gain a single victory... I know experienced AND successful players who choose completly other starting countries than you mentioned and this for certain reasons. First of all, you should mention, what military tactic and doctrine you are going to play. Depending on the tactic, you should choose a country with corresponding ressources. When choosing a country with approriate resources, you shou…

  • aircraft bug is also true for game #8623649. There is a slight advantage due to this bug, after ordering the attack the aircraft arrive immediately their starting airfield, they don't waste time by returning to the airfield or airport.

  • Nuclear Missiles

    Log of the odds - - Questions and Answers


    It's a bug. Same issue has been discussed already. Look here....…oyed-before-doing-damage/

  • Game again down, 8523813.

  • More or less important is the red shadowed triangle sector, which shows the area where patrolling aircraft can move without being redirected. a) If another airfield than the starting airfield is located in this sector, aircraft can be redirected to this airfield directly (no pit stop on the starting airfield). After landing on the new airfield the arcraft has to refuel. b) If no other airfield is located in the red shadowed triangel sector and you don't want your aircraft to land on your startin…

  • same is true for me, game 8523813

  • Everyone should bear in mind, that bytro is a branch interested in making money. The free-for-all-strategy-game badge just serves to hook up naive people (like us). In a way I admire bytros game concept: delivering a game, which is so far exciting for the gold lions and the pay-nots as well. In my opinion, it is very difficult to keep up the balance of interest for the both of the groups.