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  • Quote from Baperino: “hello,i have a question, is it possible to play with friends in a multiplayer game ? ” As long as you are not violating the ToS (Eg. Wolfpacking) or using the same IP address. You'll have to get yourself whitelisted by submitting a support request if you have the same IP.

  • Lost gold rewards

    Ryan04px2025 - - Questions and Answers


    Hey there, Normally it may take up to 48 hours to receive gold, but if you still do not receive, you will need to submit an in-game support request so we can take a look at it. Thanks!

  • Quote from Generaal Krom: “I am looking for the same. I am fighting against one . ” Please submit an in-game support request and report the user there so the support team can look into it.

  • As long as you're not marked inactive by the game for not logging in multiple days, you will still win if you are not online at day-change.

  • Quote from Femto02: “1) Is it Viable for me to use a guerilla type strategy where I make Australia suffer huge Manpower losses and then withdraw my troops? ” Hey Femto02, welcome to the game. I am glad that you have been hoping to reference some historic tactics into this game. I would, however, discourage guerilla warfare, at least until you have experience in this game and know what you are doing. Withdrawing isn't an option when you are stuck in melee combat (combat between units where they m…

  • Hi Galdon, It normally takes 2-3 days as we do receive a lot of tickets and it may take time to process. Even if we do process the ticket, you may not get a response from us due to EU Privacy Laws. In this case, either the users weren't farming off of others, or we have not gotten to it. As of right now, is the problem still occurring or have you gotten a response from support?

  • Hi Bill, It may take 24-48 hours for you to receive the gold. If you still have not received it, you can submit a support request for us to take a look at it. Normally, you will receive it after waiting a bit more, but if you want to be sure, it is best to submit a ticket. Thanks,

  • Quote from OneNutSquirrel: “Just so you guys know... it's against the Terms of Service Agreement to run "No Gold" games unless it's sanctioned by BYTRO in advance... (get in touch with the in game admins and they should be able to walk you through the process) And done right, you'd have no issues setting one up. Just make sure you do it before hand, you don't want to be getting banned for TSA violations. Played in a few such games myself, some good memories. ” No worries there , for alliance gam…

  • Hey, are you on PC or Mobile? Should be on the top right, settings on PC.

  • Hey, the game has evolved a bit since Call of War 1.0. You would need to upgrade already produced units manually (resources, manpower and time needed). Newly queued units would automatically be at the highest level.

  • Got it, thank you

  • Hey, can you please submit a ticket in-game (if possible) so we can take a look? It will also be helpful if you could provide game IDs (of those that you cannot access, as well as your username. Thanks for reporting!

  • Introduction: Prometheus1302

    Ryan04px2025 - - Support Team


    There are instructions on how to apply to become part of the staff team. Might have to roam the Forums for a bit.

  • Hey everyone! You may have noticed or seen me around in chat or Discord lately as I have recently joined the EN Moderation Team. My name is BeaveRyan or you can call me Ryan. I have been playing Call of War on and off for almost 3 years now, and it has been one of the first online communities that I have joined and participated in. I am really glad to be able to help and give back to the community as a moderator in Call of War! Please feel free to let me know if you have any question, or just re…

  • You don't report in-game rule violations on the Forums. Please direct in-game rule violation via the in-game "Request Support" button so our Game Operators can look at it. It wouldn't be very possible to be responding and investigating tickets on multiple platforms.

  • Hey Tommy, Forums: You should have the option to Report Content on the bottom right of each message. Discord: Pinging a moderator, or messaging the ModMail bot (top most user on CoW Discord Server) should allow you to get in contact with support there. As far as I am concerned, there hasn't been a change on the reporting system for Forums or Discord. Only the in-game support request has changed recently.

  • Quote from Grizzlespit420: “Jolly Chronic Crew is looking for an Alliance match to test out team out. No gold (only what the game gives you already) 5v5 Best alliance wins ” Hey Grizzle! Thank you for your interest! Do you mind if I open a Forum conversation to sort out the details? Looking forward to the game!

  • Yes! As long as you don't fill up an entire game with people in your alliance, making it a bad time for other players. Joining public games (in the new games section on the Call of War homepage), may require some coordination with alliance members as maps tend to get filled up quickly, especially on the EN server. It is a great way to train new members and look/perhaps learn from their tactics.

  • There were other threads mentioning this earlier, and even when you put 5/6 military sabotage agents in a country, it does not guarantee you complete army reveal (I don't believe there is an exact probability). If you are going to keep tab on 5 man coalitions, it is best to coordinate with others in your team to split the funding. Money isn't too big of a problem when you don't use spies, so I'm sure if everyone can pitch in, you would be able to reveal all their armies. Someone also mentioned a…

  • Airplane range

    Ryan04px2025 - - Bug Reports and Issues


    This has actually been suggested before, but I assume it is just too complicated and mathematical for some players to take in... It is indeed a good point though, if you are moving planes on a one way trip, they shouldn't have the same range.