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  • Quote from DoubleWideSurprise: “To be frank, the inclusion of rivers in Call of War would introduce logistical complexities ” Quote from DoubleWideSurprise: “the implementation of a logistics system that imposes penalties on encircled armies and naval blockades could offer more strategic depth and immersion. ” buddy you say that rivers are bad because its logistics and then talk about how game needs logistics as much as i would like a logistics system that imposes penalties on encircled armies a…

  • coalition map mode

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    Map mode similar to one where you can see relations on countries you are at war with but for coalitions simple change and a small QOL feature

  • Quote from Kolonnos: “great care would need to be taken in choosing the location and which rivers are represented, to avoid making some countries over-powered. This would take many, many (and many more) rounds of play-testing. ” i have a suggestion for that as well, make an EVENT in a map where the rivers are implemented, no need to put it in all maps at once. call the event something like "play testing 1939 - rivers" and in the description write that this is a testing map where the feature is t…

  • simple change, we can already change flags and leader names, why not country names as well. its just very annoying to capture all soviet union territory as volga nzhny, change flag to soviet union and still be called volga nzhny i think it would improve the game in a few aspects: - make people join games more wilingly and play as some unknown nations since they can change name and have aspirations to form a somewhat known nation - makes the country feel more personal and helps people stay in the…

  • OK so here is the situation rivers were a major thing in ww2 and in warfare generally but in the game they don't exist and its sad and makes borders undefendable in the game defending is a fools erand: - if you spread out units enemy can just punch a hole in the weak line. and defeat you in detail - if you bunch untis up enemy goes around your stack and captures land. the only thing that can slow down an attack is mountain provinces here is what i propose: add rivers in the game in a form of blu…

  • new player here i was wondering if tactical bombers are any good as other doctrines - allies seems like a slam dunk they have buffs for tactical bombers so no real downside - axis is also good since the faction has more hp and attack for a price increase so they are at a zero with tac bombers but the health means they can be effective for longer - commies have a health downside so effective for a sshorter time but they also have a price discount so in the end you can build more bombers and come …

  • New player asking for tips

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    I am a rather new player, i used to play back in 2017 when you needed infrastructure to produce light tanks but now after 5 year break i am returning to the game and have some questions. I want to play pacific conquest 50 map as japan and i am wondering if my strategy has a chance of working. Unit composition: Ground units: AC's as fast scouting units and artilery for enemy strong points 1'st stack - would look something like 8-10 artilery with 2 anti air units and 5-6 inf units 2'nd stack - mor…

  • Automatic map generation

    intro - - Suggestions / Criticism


    as far as i understand, some big maps are auto generated and with most maps it works fine but for some reason there is only 1 pacific conquest map and thats a best case scenario. that map has 48 people in it and no one is joining because the last countries are bad and so a new map is not spawning