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  • ...I am Japan in one game and Germany in the other, the former being a HWW 30 person map and the latter being a HWW 73 person All Nations All In map. I hope to win both rounds and have a little fun with a protection pact in Europe in the All Nations game. That's the most fun to way those types of games I think, treat it a bit more like real life.

  • Just wanted to shoutout the Call of War developers for the All Countries All In gamemode. It makes the game significantly more fun for historic world maps and every strategy has to be different because there are player nations all over the world to worry about and bargain with. I primarily play COW when this event is in progress, so if that lends any feedback to the developers, just know you will make more ad revenue from people like me when you do this event (...!).

  • Off and on since summer 2015. Took about a 3 year break though lol

  • Maybe playing into the 'most feared nation' view of the AI and global popularity could be the tendency to not release POWs too? Idk, just spitballing.

  • Quote from one_leaf: “This used to be something I did awhile back when I knew I was going to lose. I would send a militia unit to sea with a couple of naval units, and once I even took the coastline capital of the country to ruined me. Granted, this was over a year ago, and I think you lose the ability to place orders once all of your territory is taken. There's not really a chance for a comeback. Sometimes you might be able to get sympathy from a large country that will lend you a landlocked ci…

  • This is probably one of the more ridiculous strategy questions but it is a strategy that I have used at least twice before. Especially in Historical World War maps, where some countries simply aren't as strong as others, and when you know you're going to be invaded and overrun as soon as the round starts (I'm thinking countries like Poland), would you ever consider just sailing your armies out to the sea in hopes that you can live another day? Alternatively if you're locked in a 2 or 3 v 1 war a…

  • Nationalist China is OP in the mid to late game because of all the resource production. Find someone who will join as Japan and you as Nat. China, or try to ally with Japan, and that's a recipe for a fun game.

  • Quote from Chimere: “Heya, Apologies, took me a lot of time to get back to your thread (or to finish my own), but now it is done. First - congratulation. Unlike me with the Dominicans, you encountered real active players resistance, while I just anniliated AI as my enemies kept getting inactive one day before I reached them. Great job. It looks like the winning move was seizing Africa : the two local powers are not that powerful (though your battle was South Africa was epic and probably what put…

  • Wow @Chimere! I am in awe that I never saw this thread, as this is actually more impressive I feel than my Oman game. This is an excellently played game, and I've enjoyed the last 30-40 minutes going through your photos and descriptions and really getting a close look at how you won. This is really something special. Next time there's an All Nations All In, let's join a game together and see if we can replicate our winnings. I think that could be really truly very fun.

  • What up Lightning Turk! Miss the youtube videos

  • Just as the title says, I'm curious what patrolling really does other than giving one the ability to scout other armies. For example, I was flying a paratrooper unit through the path of a patrolling interceptor, and I noticed the paratrooper unit took some damage, but not much. Does patrolling follow the same 30 minute timer as other attacks do? If two enemy planes were patrolling in the same area, would they attack each other at the same time or would they have different timers? Is there an att…

  • Also, yeah, this may be the easiest starting point for a COW match, but we can still have fun with it!

  • Click link for pictures After my last game as the Oman Empire, I decided to try a very different approach to a historic world map game. This time I had the good fortune in being able to choose the German Empire, as COW released many HWW games today! It's quite different going from starting with 8 troops to starting with 115. @Larry is god lol lol joined as France and @RBoi200 joined as the Netherlands. On day 1 I have taken about half of Poland utilizing all German units on the eastern side of t…

  • Hopes for 2016

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    Update from 2021: a good amount of these suggestions came true.

  • Well everyone... it happened. We won the game. It's extremely bittersweet! Click here to see the final pictures: Oman Empire Final Update I finished in 3rd place with 510 total Victory Points. Click the spoiler to see the list of all the cities I owned at the end of this game -- I bolded all the ones that I felt were pretty crazy that I took as Oman. (Hidden Content) Overall this was a very fun game, probably my favorite game I've ever played. It was rewarding and probably the first time Oman ha…

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    @Little Racoon You should've just tried to join the coalition and won the game!

  • See here for a list of all the foolish nations that chose to declare war on the Oman Empire on Day 35.

  • @Chimere @Andromeda @whowh @Comrade genz @Larry is god lol lol @jefin b Just tagging you so you don't miss out if you wanted to see

  • Day 34 Update: Photo link here: Oman Empire Day 34 **Make sure to scroll to bottom of the pictures to see the full empire!** General update - In the last two days since the previous update, the Oman Empire has been very, very busy. First off, the AI countries of *checks notes* the UK, Switzerland, German Empire, and Italy declared war on me in the last two days. The UK declared war on me long before Switzerland did, so I pulled all my troops out of Swiss France to attack the UK and take some cit…

  • Yep! @Larry is god lol lol I've been in a coalition with him for a while and he's got the most VP's out of our entire coalition, so he's pretty safe.