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  • Quote from freezy: “Fix was just released now. ” Great job, thanks!

  • The Open Bar Chatroom

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    Wow... talk about requesting to be banned...

  • There's a serious bug since the last update, where units fail to take empty provinces. Behavior is unpredictable; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. There have been dozens of bug reports in various channels. We find ourselves desperately trying to drive into the province as often as possible, in the vague hope that we find the magic wand to actually take the province. Sometimes it has to be five times before it is actually taken. It has come to the point where the game is hardly playable,…

  • There's advantages to both. The upgrade route is more expensive, because in the end you pay 150% for each unit. On the other hand, you need much less production facilities, and the "end product" is available sooner (you can start the upgrade even before finishing the last research, which is slightly cheaper as well; while on the "build" route you can only start building your troops then). I often find myself using the upgrade route for troops I don't need to use right away (planes, for example) …

  • This has also been a popular request. The trouble with it is that lives are so different. and it would be so hard to agree on what the "off" times would be.

  • Forum Memes

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    Better type that into google

  • Future of Gold Use

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    Quote from GoforWar45: “Quote from Komrade Khrushchev: “Quote: “Won’t happen. Been suggested a zillion times. Not profitable for Bytro. ” ” The fact that its been suggested a "zillion times" would seem to indicate that there is profit being left on the table here.(Rather than being unprofitable, they are in fact losing profits by not listening to suggestions.) Imagine if people kept going into a flower shop and said they want purchase cacti. Well, it would make a lot of sense for the shop to loo…

  • Quote from Vanrendo: “Level 5 AA in a 5-6+ stack takes down a lvl 1 nuclear bomber,not sure how many interceptors. ” Unfortunately, there is tricks to avoid the AA of a target stack with nuclear bombers (hint: don't target the stack itself, but something different within the blast range of the "real" target).

  • Quote from Commander Schleicher: “Also any adjustments I should make to my army composition or plan? ” You're toodiversified. Focus on less unit types.

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “Quote from K.Rokossovski: “In the Netherlands it is 5th of May, and other countries differ as well. ” Why…? I know Nazi Germany surrendered to the West on May 7th and East on the 9th and such but VE Day is rather universally regarded as May 8th… Russia and the former USSR celebrate on the 9th due to some time zone differences, though. ” Because the German troops IN THE NETHERLANDS surrendered on may 5th. We may have an "official" VE day, but no one knows about that.

  • Quote from stardragon225: “Isn't the labor party kind of... um well Glory to the Union! URAAAAAH! ☭☭☭!!!!! (Don't they have a history of being the British socialist party?) ” They absolutely do. You make it sound like a cussword though... If you are an American, maybe you are not aware of the big difference between a Communist party and a Social Democrat party in Europe? Social Democrats have been cooperating with Liberal-Conservative-Christian power groups for decades all across Europe, and are…

  • In the Netherlands it is 5th of May, and other countries differ as well.

  • 5) Pick just one type of factory in a city, you can only use one at a time anyway. And don't upgrade it until you find it is always busy.

  • I wonder what point 5 is...

  • JFK

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    Open the vault!

  • Quote from croatian kid: “Quote from Talvisota: “Quote from croatian kid: “whats a tories ” The Tory Party is a British political party that is currently in power, however the British General Election is next month so they might not be in power for much longer. ” are they good or bad ” To sum it up, mostly silly right now.

  • Soviet victory day.

  • An RRG stack is really the only stack which doesn't comply to the "rock-paper-scissors" mechanics of the rest of the game. Add a 10 leveled AA to 10 RRG, have some scouts in the neighborhood to spot targets, and there is no way to defeat it when you're at least slightly activite; it can basically drive anywhere in the world without anyone being able to do something about it (unless they build a similar stack). When you make the investment to do that, it becomes completely OP. This is true for al…

  • Quote from 6thDragon: “Quote from Nostroma: “The Americans were asleep when Pearl Harbour was attacked They were asleep again when the Germans launched the battle of the Bulge. You expect this game to be fair? ” You have this the other way around. The Pearl Harbor attack commenced just before 8am local time. Which would have been in the middle of the night Tokyo time as there is a five hour difference. ” I don't think he means literal "sleeping", on a macro level it would mean something like "be…

  • Quote from Vanrendo: “If Eastern Europe was doing so good after WW2 why did communism eventually came to a downfall years later? ” That's like saying Augustus was a bad emperor because the Roman Empire eventually fell... As for "badness" and "worseness", the Soviets never massacred entire villages because one of those villagers committed a "terrorist" crime. Sure Communist rule may have been very bad, but it can't compare to Nazi rule.