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  • Quote from ThePoliticalguy: “If you don't know a thing about India, why don't you keep your mouth shut da? It's better than clinging on steriotypes and all those things you learnt how different countries is portraited by the west ” When I made playthroughs like this, I bullied and stereotyped every country. I don’t have anything against India.

  • I don’t have enough context to pick a side on this argument, but you guys are just proving Fox’s point about the forum devolving into drama.

  • Guy who used to be active on the forum weighing in here. I’m on mobile, so forgive the formatting. I was very active on this forum 2 or 3 years ago, and I’ve been checking on it semi regularly ever since. I’m not as much of a veteran as some other guys, but I think I’ve been around long enough to give a perspective. I’ll start off with the positive things that Carking has done for this. I started off in the forums last golden age, when Karl, Grand, and Whowh were the most prominent members. The …

  • A huge thanks

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    I used to be active here, but that was before most of you got here. I thought that the forum would never be revived. Thanks for proving me wrong. I’m probably not going to return to this game for a while, or return to it at all, but this is a great community.

  • Quote from Donk2.0: “We shall see if they will make operations available to all, I think they will. Thats the main component. ” Even if they do make operations available to all, this is way too gimmicky for this game. It might not be pay to win, but it will be a massive step back for realism.

  • Forum protest!

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    I don’t think that the update will end good. But a forum protest isn’t going to do much to change their minds.

  • I thought that I would be happy when Bytro added something to the game. However, they have still managed to disappoint me. This game is a strategy game, not a tactics game. Every unit represents thousands of soldiers or hundreds of tanks. Flame tanks were not in their own separate units, and they weren’t even used extensively. This just makes the game more pay to win. You had a good thing, Bytro. You just had to ruin it.

  • The Open Bar Chatroom

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    Quote from Claudio NVKP: “everything ” Do you have a pic?

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “I wonder what happened to this… ” It didn’t work out. I couldn’t get ChatGPT to do anything without me holding its hand. It gave me a 3 paragraph response to every prompt without answering my question.

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “I remember reading that they did want to add new stuff in, and there were plans to move on from 2.0 and add more. So I do think they could very well have plans. Then again they might just stick with the current formula and leave it as it is. I think one thing I’d really like to see more than anything else though is new maps, and I haven’t heard of any plans for those. It’s hard to know though. They may very well have plans and want to add things, but it’s not easy to…

  • It’s been more than 2 years since Bytro has made an actual change to gameplay. While the UI and graphics changes have been nice, nothing besides balancing has changed on the gameplay side. Does Bytro have anything planned for it?

  • Let's say a stack does 50 damage to infantry. If it attacked a 10 stack of different units in the infantry class, would each of those units take 5 damage, or would the units with higher hitpoints take more damage than the units with lower hitpoints.

  • I'm too lazy for an actual update today. Here's ChatGPT's summary. During our leadership, several key developments have taken place. Spain has prioritized economic stability and military preparedness, focusing on research and production of various units to enhance our army's capabilities. We have established diplomatic relations with France and engaged in trade with multiple nations. However, tensions have arisen as the United Kingdom launched an unprovoked invasion of Ireland. We expressed conc…

  • The border gore is awful.

  • Day 2 As ChatGPT's reign as leader of Spain continues, it becomes increasingly clear that the greatest period in Spanish history has begun. Spain's power increased even more during the second day of its leadership. Military: Yesterday, ChatGPT said that it didn't want an air force, citing the cost. However, it changed its mind today. It wanted to research fighter jets and strategic bombers. Its naval strategy was risky at best. It wanted a navy composed of submarines, battleships, and aircraft …

  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “Of course the second Oversimplified man comes back this happens. Thing is I’ve tried to convince chatGPT to agree with anything violent, and it never does, that’s just the way it’s written. Even the things you ask it to say are usually pacifist and wholesome. I remember hearing about someone asking it to write some scenario about an alternate Cold War and it made it a scenario about peaceful cooperation and living together in harmony. This is just one example from ma…

  • Disclaimer: This is one of the dumbest playthroughs to ever disgrace the forums. Don't expect to learn anything useful from this playthrough. Do not follow any advice I give here. Napoleon Bonaparte. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Hannibal. These are all some of the greatest generals of all time. However, none of them are the greatest. That honor, of course, goes to ChatGPT. This playthrough, ChatGPT, or Napoleon Botaparte, as I like to call it, will lead Spain in a Clash of Nations map. I chose Clash of…

  • Japan is a very fun nation to play as. It has some RP value, but its main attraction is that you can go to war with a lot of countries and win. Italy is another fun major nation to play with. You can do some Roman theme. For minor nations, I’d recommend Mexico or Persia. If you want inspiration, this is one of the best playthroughs on the forums. Dios, Patria, Libertad ! A Dominican Republic Let's Play You can also look for GrandEmpire’s playthroughs.

  • Deb

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    Quote from Deb: “My name is Deb, I come from Zagreb ” Do you know Jamar? He comes from afar.

  • Quote from DxC: “That's interesting. According to this thread (arty only defending when melee attacked) the arty stack should have went into defense mode. Did you have any non default fire control settings set? I personally prefer arty to continue to attack this way because I often have mostly arty in my arty stacks and they are very weak on defense. ” It was on default. The battle is over, but I think that each stack had its own separate attack timer. The stack was defending, but it was also at…