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  • Elite heavy tanks (=star level?) in 3 days? What?

  • K/D Flexing

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    Too many kids in this game. It should require a maturity test for playing.

  • Quote from SLimbad: “Quote from dev_null: “Quote from Carking the 6th: “Image won’t work. ” Thanks for the heads up. Fixed. ” This just happened to me. After spies revealed the enemy, I setup the route so my militia stack would take the province and pass the incoming anti tank with artillery behind me to pound them. When I logged back in, the enemy had waltzed right passed my militia stack to my arties. ” I believe this is WAD (but recently changed). If they enemy can't discover your militia, th…

  • Click to the right side of the X.

  • There's a bug there. You need to click a bit to the right of the X.

  • What I noticed is that some of the close buttons are off mark. When you can't close a window, you need to click somewhat right of the X.

  • Flying Bombs

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    Pay attention to their hp though. Flying bombs can easily be shot down. Essentially they are only useful against undefended targets.

  • Release Notes - 2024-05-14

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    They'll die of laughter before you can kill them!

  • Release Notes - 2024-05-14

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    SPAT camo on plains is only for game balance, I guess? It does not make sense for the clunkiest of all vehicles to be in any way camouflaged in open terrain. How much is the speed buff for heavy tanks? And why was it buffed? I think heavy tanks already had a fairly good speed match with infantry in most cases.

  • Quote from freezy: “From a player's perspective it is totally understandable why you want this. From a business perspective: If free users and pay users get seperated, then revenue will for sure drop. Pay users only spend when there are free users around. It is the whole "fish in the pond" concept and how those terms like "whales" came to be (industry standard terms). Btw you can discuss gold, the point was just that denouncing players who use gold is forbidden. Basically, no shaming! If you adh…

  • Quote from whowh: “Well one of the motivations for joining a HWW game as a good country is to, uh, win. So stopping players from taking aactions that would make them win easier is kind of pointless. if you don't being steamrolled by superpowers in HWW (which is understandable), you don't have to play that map ” With that logic, why limit coalitions to 3 nations? Allow all. Everyones a winner, baby. Easy winning is not the point here. You can always join a Europe 22 map and go clubber baby seal i…

  • 'A superpower'? One, yes. But 3, no. That will just prove they are total noobs, nothing more. This subject is not about player quality. Quality is always important. But if everything came down to player quality, why even bother balancing maps? Not so. You know map balances matter. Hence my suggestion. There is no bigger abuse than joining to grab the 3 super powers. Things can only get better.

  • I suggest that the 'historical' maps come with either a fixed or an optional ban on super power coalitions. I just had a game where 3 'friends' joined up as USSR, Germany and USA and instantly joined into coalition. Each of these countries in the historical world map are already OPed to the extreme (at least USA and USSR) and this coalition killed any realistic chance that a throw-together opposition could stop them. Even if ppl would cooperate (which ofc was not the case) there is no way. e.g. …

  • Yes, I think that is what happened. He probably targeted my army. I must try it out. However, I think it is wrong that it does not have a cooling down time.

  • Quote from z00mz00m: “Quote from Ignatio Oddball: “Militia was just nerfed. Otherwise I'd say that is your short term counter. But if this is a game older than 2 days, you could still do it. ” This is thee worst answer possible. What if Venezuela is using upgraded infantry, which mop the floor with militia? What if they are using rocket arty, which beats all unarmored units? You have to understand what you're facing and adapt your response. ” Sounds more like you don't know how to use militia. T…

  • 8 Battle reports

    Ignatio Oddball - - Questions and Answers


    I can only see the last 8 battle reports - no matter how many new there are. Is this a bug? Or am I overlooking something?

  • This did not happen on an airfield, but at the line between two of my control points. It landed and started moving right away. No reorganisation symbol. I have to say it was a pretty smart move that allowed him to attack my otherwise screened artillery from the back. To me it seems that the 6 hr delay only kicks in if you attack a control point. Up to now I even thought that wasn't possible to attack a line, but I think it's unbalanced if that kind of drop down somehow allows the paras to move.

  • Militia was just nerfed. Otherwise I'd say that is your short term counter. But if this is a game older than 2 days, you could still do it.

  • No, that is unlikely to happen. A limit of 100.000 per day or even 1 million a day would do a difference though.

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “Quote from Ignatio Oddball: “Partially because there are fanboys who back them in the decision to allow insane spending. ” Around here? I don't no anybody who supports it. Afaik all forum users would like a P2P system better. ” Yes, here. I've been flamed more than once for suggesting limits to the gold usage.