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  • Quote from Claudio NVKP: “K/D doesn't matter, it is easy to make it decrease than increase it. ” Actually, it does matter, it shows how effective you are in using your units, however, yes, overall, I would say that games won and lost and the provinces captured/lost ratios are more important.

  • Tribune, for the bug about the amphibious landing, I honestly am not sure if it is part of the changes or not. I definitely saw a unit disembarking on my territory in a America homefront map, but the Europe: Clash of Nations seems to have that error? Maybe it varies on the maps, since the Europe is a smaller scale?

  • As with most situations, CoW is running out of fresh open minded new players or veterans (I know, that's a hard pill to swallow, but it's just the truth). Therefore, Vexia is looking for members in the CoW forums. Anyone with ratios over 1.4 may apply to EmperorBatman, Phoebia, or Alexandera Nevsky. New players with fresh stats, or beginners who are open minded are welcome to join as well. You are expected to improve or keep your ratios over 1.4, and while exceptions are made for beginners, if y…

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    Quote from K.Rokossovski: “So... where were you? ” Oh, just whacked out of commission with a moderator's hammer

  • Hey brutus, I am always willing to accept anyone into my alliance, but multiple factors will be considered. You should have a good provinces captured/lost ratio, with a positive k/d. I will cut some slack for the k/d part if you have a good province ratio, but yes, I am looking for skills, not how much units you can spam and stack in an hour. You can apply to Vexia, and you may send an application letter with details promoting yourself to Phoebia (I am sorry, but reading those makes my head hurt…

  • Quote from whowh: “Nice. It's always great to see small little Luxembourg running over useless noobs. ” Just that the two nations were too busy fighting each other to notice the other

  • Quote from newbgamer101: “The Luxemburg v Germany example isnt something that happened in game ” Actually, it is. Lux ran over half of france AND germany before UK killed the three.

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    The chat room just got bombed

  • Quote from samkun: “1. how fast that player expanding it is not always but can be futile, at least you know that he can expand that fast that mean he has a good tactic, good army composition or he build like early army that will have effect in early game but will be useless for offensive in mid and late game. ” Expansion means nothing about winning. In fact, the people who conquer 5 nations by day 3 are the most weakest players. Numberwise or possibly gold-spam wise, they may be the strongest, h…

  • I'm sorry BM, hope you will recover quickly and come back to good health.

  • Quote from Therworldtube: “Motorized infantry should be used to counter infantry. Light tanks is used to counter light armored vehicles; it's the whole reason why it has a 15% LA dmg buff. ” Never! What planet are you from? Motorized infantry should be led to assault lightly defended provinces containing infantry defenses, not to leave as meat sacks on the border walls. Motorized infantry have disadvantages when defending, and their speed and agility is wasted if you use the units for defense. I…

  • Well, I would save up the gold for a while, at least until you have researched heavy tanks, commandos, paratroopers, and sp artillery. Wasting them on day 1 to spend on armored cars and infantry is a waste, use them for researches later on, maybe producing units in the face of an invasion which you don't have enough defenses for (say you launched invasions on Poland and France as Germany but then realized Italy and UK are teaming up against you), and sometimes to buy resources, but only if your …

  • First of all, let me get a few things straight. If you're losing to AI nations, there's a problem going on here. Small nations that have less than the 50 VP required to make it a playable nation (standard games) usually don't have entire battalions of nukes and heavy tanks raining down on you, possibly a few medium tanks and infantry at the most are warranted for. If you are losing to that, you are doing your border defenses wrong. Even if you are not on hostile terms with a nation, or possibly …

  • lol as far as I can remember, that's only for camps, if you join the army through, say, military intelligence or technology, etc., you don't even see real battle. Just get basic training on arms, go to a camp for a month or so, then you do whatever your department requires of you.

  • Quote from BrutusTrump: “She's North Korean. ” That's quite offensive, my husband's south korean. There's a marked difference, one is run by a dictatorship and the other one is democratic.

  • Quote from BrightAdityas: “Why do you want to starve your army? ” ever heard of sarcasm?

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    You should stop posting sources that are incorrect and possibly made by novices at politics who decided to just make a few cash by getting subscribers off of idiots like you who don't know any better.

  • No, infantry does not need food. As long as they have gasoline, cyanide, & dynamite sticks, they're set to go.

  • Forum is more of a discussion and slow talk, however, paragraphs sometimes, while discord chat is simply a text message room. There is a marked distinction, I doubt people even use full sentences in discord.

  • You will need food. Commandos and paratroopers are vital because they are stealth units, therefore able to move about enemy territory without being detected by certain units. These are especially important for invading enemy lines, and paratroopers, if used wisely, can be more powerful than 20 heavy tanks. Motorized infantry is essential, because it provides reconnaissance on stealth units, also while being one of the fastest units on the battlefield & the most efficient against infantry (okay, …