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  • Quote from freezy: “Pan Asian Doctrine actually got a buff to Flying Bombs as a substitute/metaphor for Kamikaze planes. So that is factored in ” Lmao

  • Perhaps I could join another one? Two matches twice the likelihood of success surely?

  • it's full python if only you could of been the soviet union </3

  • Good day ladies and gents, Since it's the special time of year where HWW all in is finally out I'm taking on the challenge of turning communist china into modern china. Below is what we're aiming for and to add some extra seasoning no gold allowed. Pray that I get inactive manuchuko, japan, nationalist china xinjing and tibet. Easy right? china-map.gif

  • Attack bombers do barley anything against infantry. I doubt they lost 0 hp, just a very small amount. If you have no one where to go with your bombers just set them patrol that way they'll stay in the air until they die rather than them getting destroyed on the ground.

  • Oh yeah he active my guy has a KD of 10 and is level 72

  • Heyo few questions about building industry. Once you got your core province industry up and running (inc local) is it worth building in non core territory, and would you prioritise local or cities? Would you build propaganda offices first if you the captured territory is low in moral and they're arent anymore easy capitals to take? Now I know you could say it 'depends' but is there a general rule of thumb to follow, if your core is secure but you're fighting a 2 country-distant war?

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “Why would you say there's a "massive diff in speed"? The AA makes him very slow as well? ” Because the anti air is SP his speed is 61 on his plain. But since I'm axis I think ill make a stack of mediums...

  • Going against an opponent on 100 World at war who on day 5 managed to pump out 5 lv1 sp arty and 5 lv 1 anti air arty as axis. Destroying this would be a massive blow (I would hope). I would think a light infantry stack with normal arty would be a good counter but I wouldnt be able to hunt em down because of the massive diff in speed. (I'm axis in this game btw). Any ideas?

  • Release Notes - 2022-06-21

    Nadda - - News


    maybe also increase the number of non core province trades you can make?

  • I normally go with communist china on 100player lmao and I am always surrounded by pan-asian 'friends'

  • early game as commie I find myself countering light tanks with light tanks, because even with a pan asian buff, I can still outproduce them until I can afford mediums. Anti tank is alright especially if you got the commie buff, but it slows early offensive abilities a little too much for me at least on 100 players all in.

  • Ooooooohhhhh yeah

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    Bytro you beautiful bastards have done it again HWW all in is back . Although it's only 1 time speed hope more people stay active. Regardless, Imma try my luck again with communist China.

  • I love this idea, I've always wanted coalitions to be bigger (in terms of players not points) but I wasn't sure how you were to balance this. Furthermore, since you're pressured to ask/join with major powers, I find myself in positions as the soviet union being unable to sacrifice a member spot to let's say Romania when I could just ally with Germany. I think this is a sorely needed change to HWW and future HWW all countries all in (would love to create a coalition with many minor powers estonia…

  • Chess mate

  • I assume you're gonna suffer a moral penalty

  • Nuke buff

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    Quote from z00mz00m: “Nukes are a gold (ab)user's dream. I played against a gold user whose goal (in his words) was to mess with my head. So he spent huge sums of money to insta-build nukes and demolish every city and every unit I had on the map. He also insta-scouted me to launch nukes at every remaining unit trying to escape a nuclear blast radius, and insta-built paratroopers to advance into my territory, build more air bases, and of course more nukes and more paratroopers. He basically walke…

  • Not Hospitals but...

    Nadda - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Forgive me if this has already been suggested but I'm too lazy to use the search function. Instead of creating a healing system units/buildings that increase unit health, give us 2 simple options. Allow like units of like level to be combined together to replace lost health (The current system of combing fresh units with damaged units only gives you one option that reduces the overall speed and contributes to the stack cap). Secondly, add a disband option that scraps your units but salvages some…

  • Introduce Stone

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    bytro employee in disguise

  • Gold abuse

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    yeah that's why HWW All in 4x is the golden gamemode