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  • Release Notes - 2024-03-19

    Gronk13 - - News


    Quote from Arcorian: “<img src="" alt="" width="100%" height="100%"> Release Notes - 2024-03-19 We fixed several bugs with this update, including issues with planes getting stuck in their flying animation. Additionally, we removed several capitals on the America Homefront and Doomsday Event maps in nations that happened to have two capitals instead of one.<br><br> For a closer look at the changes please check out the <a h…

  • Is there a way to reflect my in game rank or is it simply off number of posts? I’ve been playing this game since 2015.

  • Quote from General_Chinmay: “Update: we've still got a few nations open for new players including France and our game is coming close to starting. Make sure to click the link to join our discord server if a fun rp game with some friendly players interests you. ” Damn I wish I was a part of this.