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  • Light Tank Spam....

    Meowy Mittens - - General Discussions


    Hehe, I love my light tanks. Probably one of my favorite units in the game. Take the Pan Asia doctrine that specializes in those bad boys. On day 4 you got lvl 3, with doctrine effects, you can get 19.5 damage on plains with those guys, ON DAY 4. If you are struggling with kd while making these units, consider just not engaging into bad fights. Out of all the units that are faster than them, they win against all of them. If you win the fight, take the fight, if you lose the fight, just don't fig…

  • Heads up, the summoning selects your current research available. If you don't have any infantry research, they summon at lvl 1. If you have lvl 6 researched, you summon at lvl 6. The day requirements is also a reflection on the research dates they become available. Exception being Amphibius tanks, where you can summon a 18 damage unit on day 2, which is stupid. For the most part, I agree entirely with your points haha, those things are infuriating.

  • The one that consistently infuriates me, is the weird bug with selecting multiple units. Where I multiselect, and attempt to move them, but then instead of moving them, the game removes the stupid GUI that allows me to do anything. It isn't a huge deal, but I have to reload every time, and loading this game is already super finicky, as I find I require perfect internet to even launch the game.

  • I normally just kite them indefinitely with artillery. If I find myself cornered, just camp a forest or city with some infantry, and they'll handle the heavies just fine while the artillery barrage. Ironically, heavy tanks have the worst air damage imaginable, attack bombers are lethal, but we don't always got those available. Instead I use the ultimate bomber unit: the interceptor! No joke, interceptor swarms work great against isolated heavy tank targets. But in general, just about every unarm…

  • Give us one reason bytro would actually want to implement this? Spending money to lose more money does not seem like a good company policy. Rewards still being gold? I've seen someone suggest these be games be with gold paywalls, where you pay gold, to spend no gold, to be rewarded with gold. That system would just downright not be very productive.

  • Sell profile

    Meowy Mittens - - Questions and Answers


    I've seen people get taken down for trying to attempt to get paid to train other players. I believe straight up attempting to make money from the game is just downright not allowed. This would also somewhat be thrown into the multi-accounting and account sharing rules, as this would imply someone who is already playing the game would be able to purchase another account, or an additional user would be using the same account. Just... don't..

  • For your information, Egypt possesses 32 provinces. North USA possesses 21 provinces. Yes the countries are absolutely not balanced, but this only really changes manpower for these countries. More curious notes: Caribbean has the lowest province count in the map, at 20. Highest is tied between Egypt and North Brazil at 32. Average province count is 26. Axis countries tend to have higher province counts than other countries. Pan Asia countries tend to have lower province counts than other countri…

  • this needs to GO!

    Meowy Mittens - - General Discussions


    Direct attack: 100% immediate damage, refuel: 30-10mins + travel distance. Patrol 50% delayed damage, occurs over 15 min intervals, no refuel/travel distance required. Saying patrols are OP is just wrong, but patrolling certainly has their advantages. Regardless, each have their uses.

  • Airfields and Aircraft Factory numbers: * Type * Duration * Refuel * Cost * HP * Field 1 * 2 Hours * 30 mins * 1500 * 20 * Field 2 * 4 Hours * 20 mins * 2000 * 60 * Field 3 * 8 Hours * 10 mins * 2650 * 120 * Factory 1 * 30 mins * 30 mins * 3600 * 20 * Factory 2 * 4 Hours * 25 mins * 4800 * 40 * Factory 3 * 12 Hours * 20 mins * 6400 * 80 * Factory 4 * 24 Hours * 15 mins * 8550 * 120 * Factory 5 * 32 Hours * 10 mins * 11350 * 160 If you're just making them for the refuel, absolutely go normal airf…

  • Quote from NEPTUNE the great: “Tank destroyers are actually useful for once! ” I'm just going to point out that the Tank Destroyer change is more of a nerf than a buff. In the patchnotes, bytro stated that they wanted Tank Destroyers to perform better in stealth ambushing, but they butchered their stealth ability. All revealing ground units, prefer plains, and will auto route plains thanks to speed buffs. Additionally, just like the old commando problem, their stealth is now completely useless i…

  • This has been happening to multiple people ever since the recent update. I think it is a bug.

  • For those who do not know: Tank Destroyers: - 25% Urban Bonus -> 25% Plains Bonus - Now has Plains stealth. - Stealth Nerf: - Lvl 2 -> 1 - Lvl 3 -> 2 - Lvl 4 -> 2 - Lvl 5 -> 3 - Lvl 6 -> 3 * Unit lvl -> stealth lvl Militia: - Lost mountain stealth. - Stealth nerfed: - Lvl 2 -> 1 - Lvl 3 -> 2 - Lvl 4 -> 2 * Unit lvl -> stealth lvl Paratroopers and Commandos: - Lvl 1 -> 3 - Lvl 2 -> 4 - Lvl 3 -> 5 - Lvl 4 -> 6 * Unit lvl -> stealth lvl Source:…lease-notes---2024-04-0…

  • Unusual Error?

    Meowy Mittens - - Beta Feedback & Issues


    Looks like multiple other people on the discord have noticed similar things. Rockets shouldn't be shot down like this. One noted that the army that destroyed the rocket, wasn't even close to where the rocket destination.

  • Eeny Meeny...

    Meowy Mittens - - General Discussions


    Yay she listened to my vote!

  • Only if the aircraft absolutely require a refuel, aka they finished a bombardment or transitioning airfields. Due to how those planes were patrolling, and patrols require no refueling, they were not traveling back to refuel. If the aircraft does not need to refuel, and their original airfield was destroyed, they automatically move to the closest one within range. They also can just move to any location or airfield within the red cone if they do not require a refuel.

  • Wiki for this game sucks lol. Just save the doctrine page and ignore everything else.

  • Alliances?

    Meowy Mittens - - General Discussions


    My alliance is more of a collection of people who want to play together, almost no tournament or Ava presence whatsoever. Not much different than just having reliable allies to land in a map with or share information and advise with.


  • 2 Things: 1. Doctrines: Allies get tech at day 4 Pan Asia get tech at day 3 Axis and Comintern get tech at day 2. You can check information for various units here: Yes, I realize you are talking about allies here, but the fact that other doctrines can get it, can allow allies to get it. Simply done by capturing a city from another nation of a different doctrine, and that city was producing a medium tank. That tank can now finish under the new nation, despite not…

  • Spy upkeep is different from other forms of upkeep. Instead of reducing daily income, it is taken all at once at day change. Aka keep an eye on the upkeep, and ensure you have enough money to pay your spies.