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  • When you park a plane on a carrier (interceptor in my allies case) It shows a “landed plane” icon next to the carrier. So you have a landed plane in the ocean. I think it should act more as if you put to troops into one group.

  • Quote from BeorntheBold: “One of the realities of war is that fresh troops are less effective and sustain more casualties than veteran troops. Could this be reflected in Call of War? I would like to see each unit have an experience level that slowly advances over time when not engaged and increases faster when actively engaged in combat. That experience level could be factored in to combat calculations to both boost the unit's strength offensively and lessen it's rate of taking casualties. The r…

  • Quote from Little Racoon: “What do you know about the tactics and countering so far? This can let us know where you're at in the game, because so far, I do not like your stats. ” Well, I have played for a while now, but I’m kinda a noob.

  • If I am going from point a I would have a range of, say 10km, so I can go 10km out and then come 10km back. If I go from point a to point b, which are 20km apart, I could because I won’t have to return on the same tank.

  • Who, me? Yes, I probably do.

  • Then patrol should have an even shorter distance, and it shouldn’t be endless. But good idea. It would probably need to be like 180% of what it is when, say attacking. Just so you have some fuel left for landing.

  • My name is Earlmilly1 I’m in the alliance Philo[Philo]