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  • This probably won't ever happen but it would be nice if we could get single player rounds that we can pause (or set a time that it will pause at). I started this game because I was looking for something that didn't require much time but it was quite the opposite. Anyways, it'd be nice to get a pausable game mode.

  • mate i think you've got the wrong forum, this is call of war, not cod or whatever you're thinking lol

  • 1. rocket artillery // sp rocket artillery (early game vs. mid game) 2. tac bombers 3. medium tanks 4. motorized infantry 5. sp artillery 6. sp anti air 7. interceptor 8. attack bomber 9. battleship 10. submarine

  • Interceptors

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    patrol over your cities. otherwise its not damaging them unless you're getting really lucky on the patrol timer. when the bombs fall on your cities, patrol planes will attack. interesting he is using strategic bombers though. they're kinda useless in short term war, if he keeps making them, then just invade him on land. also invest in anti airs for your cities.

  • honestly, unless its a competitve match, you cant go wrong with any country. most players will go inactive anyways. ive played all of them and won on all of them (a lot were coaltiion win though) for safety, morocco is good, libya is also decent if you want axis. dont like egypt because its split by water and people can team up on you early on, making it hard to defend. russia empire provinces are way too big, it will take a long time to move stuff around. same with north america. sweden is good…

  • Historic - can be really fun if you get the country you want, and have the time to play it. After you finish a historic game, starting a new one can be painful Europe Clash - good if you don't have much time, its like a casual mode. however people can accuse you of golding if they suck at the game and lost to you in a 3v1 because you spammed rocket artillery Swift strike - best for farming on KDR because you can wipe out inactive players so fast with a massive army and they only have their start…

  • imo it depends on what units you like most and the placment of the country on the map axis if you like tanks and sp artillery allies if you like bomber spamming, artillery + LT/Mot.Inf spamming, or LT rushing pan asian if you like navy comintern if you like rocket artillery spamming i personally like rocket artillery spamming, starting with 3 secret lab and pump out rocket artilleries, its really overpowered. you can switch to sp rocket artillery mid game (with lvl 3+ secret labs)

  • these conversations are funny lmao

  • PoW Camps

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    let us build gulags yes

  • You can try to take out all of north and south america for 1300 points, or ally with canada and have canada take out south america while you go to spain and try to control europe. You can use troops in phillipines to go for oman and then get land in middle east. i dont suggest war with japan because it will take a long time but if japan wars you you can easily win. as for troops, spam artillery, tac bombers, interceptors, and motorized infantry. you use motorized infantry to zoom around everywhe…

  • Quote from Erba420: “are you still recruiting for this ? ” yeah

  • i gave up on this thread lmao

  • report ussr for multi accounting, game admin will look into it. for the japan thing, ussr starts with very little troops on its eastern side which could be how he was losing to japan so badly. literally only a few militia scattered here and there that cant really do anything.

  • Advice on Spamming

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    if you are going to spam commandos, put heavy tanks with them. Personally, I prefer to spam rocket artillery and artillery though because you can counter early game infantry and LT spam.

  • Railroad Guns

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    i use them to counter artillery spam, overseas ai spam, and to wreck afk persons army overnight. also making a stack of 10 railroad guns is very op

  • Flak gun unit

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    I think anti air should be set to have the same amount of attack damage as defense damage because if aircraft are flying above the anti air gun and it shoots at them that would be considered attacking compared to when an aircraft is strafing the anti air unit directly that would be defending.

  • if there were a way to implement researching radar that would be historically accurate.

  • I was South USA. I was reading outdated guide on how to play the game. I build all barrack and started massing infantry. I took Cuba on day 1. I allied with North USA, he was also noob. Then I make coalition with UK and North USA. Next day I attack Morocco with 20 infantry but get wrecked by his light tanks so I left his land. He didn't come for me and instead he said we could be allies. North US went inactive, so I mass invaded him with a massive army from all sides which was completely unneces…

  • Here's my opinion on best models: Militia: Axis Infantry: Allies Motorized Infantry: Allies Mechanized Infantry: Axis Commando: Pan-Asian Paratrooper: Pan-Asian Anti-Tank: Allies Anti-Tank T2: idk Artillery: Allies Artillery T2: Pan-Asian Anti-Air: Allies Anti-Air T2: idk SP Artillery: Comintern SP Artillery T2: Comintern SP Anti-Air: Allies SP Anti-Air T2: Comintern Armored Car: Axis Armored Car T2: idk Light Tank: Axis Light Tank T2: Allies Medium Tank: Pan-Asian Medium Tank T2: Axis Heavy Tan…

  • new unit models for the new doctrines would be very cool, i finally wouldn't have to use spitfires for usa