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  • Quote from BMfox: “cool, that's one guide less I have to write ” lol I watched BM vs 99 man that was crazy gg

  • Quote from Renarsm: “Quote from AleksanderZ: “Quote from Claudio NVKP: “why is this happening? This is a bot? ” Large corporations often pay people to advertise their business on social media/online games. It's possible that a bot/program creates these accounts, but I don't see why a corporation would use their time and money to write code for a bot that advertises their business on a relatively niche online game. ” Ye. I interacted with one of them to do some trolling, and this is basically wha…

  • Quote from croatian kid: “Quote from Renarsm: “This guy is literally hitler ” hitler was a bad guy ” Sure, but maybe his orders to fight the Russians even though the defending Germans were literally fighting for their lives, it maybe saved the Germans from falling left right center and decision to kill jews was a bit too much, but Israel isn't better in the aspect of religious secularism

  • bro do you remember some dude asking if you were on forum with the same name in callofwar chat?

  • lol signature is incoherent with statement btw I am playing CON map as UK, destroyed France except for Marseille not that he was active anyway. allied with a reckless germany who doesn't know how to stack units or even fight for that matter (who sends a badly damaged light tank to fight an infantry in the mountains?) Morocco is much better and he is destroying Spain badly not that he was active either... Morocco is stupid enough to stack militia and anti air with infantry and medium tanks (who p…

  • More AC/LT Levels

    Nobodyx2 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Yeah man AC and LT are fine, even level 3 is enough to be useful.

  • The Stock Market

    Nobodyx2 - - General Discussions


    Man when I buy its either unreasonably high at 15+/unit and when I sell its either around 5/unit or even 1

  • bruh didn't expect that. thankfully I dont even use discord so they cant ask me to join it. also yeah that is sus

  • Quote from YourGaurdian: “For beginners, CoN is the best map to increase stats. If you play UK, read this article 1. It is strategically very safe. Even if you are bad at Diplomacy, u can have defensive line against France/Germany. Make some naval bombers, interceptors, cruiser-destroyers. 2. Now, this is the trick I don't really share... Share map with every AI country. U need to become "The Most Popular Nation". This will give you right of way through many bots. 3. Make a self-depended economy…

  • Bro must be mistaken that you are in his alliance

  • btw Kurt Student was once commander of what Hitler wanted to be the 1st Parachute Divsion/battalion (I dont remember exactly) and Student once remarked that "it was a rather high-sounding title for something that didn't exist."

  • 1x All In

    Nobodyx2 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    If u mean all countries all in, then yes I support that

  • @WolverineM1076 Well, 2x HWW is better since not everyone is so dedicated to such a speed. I am one of these not-so-dedicated ppl even tho I once came 2nd as Nationalist China in all countries all in

  • If I'm correct earlier HWW was level 11 but they increased it, man I hate myself for deleting that account which was literally on level 86 with over 15000 hard earned gold and atleast one solo victory... That was really hard, China had over a hundred land units in West India which I slowly chipped at with bombers... Then my provinces in the middle East revolted as hell ... Then finally I fought Romania, then allies with him and finally betrayed him to win

  • If I don't get the levels and victories back I will be really unhappy... Even if they give me back my levels I am satisfied, I am prepared to earn victory again... Man it's soo boring in a Clash of Nations and to reach level 17 to play HWW... I have done it before (Nobodyx2 was my first account before EiserneKreuz1813 became my main account and it surpassed Nobodyx2 by over 30 levels) but too annoyed to do it again

  • Demn no one replied to my Recovering deleted account thread Basically I deleted EiserneKreuz1813 about a month ago Now I want it back and contacted support on a new account after I marked it for deletion as well... After I filed the ticket I have been able to log into EiserneKreuz1813 but it is completely reset... Will it be given the victories and rank it already had? I remember 6 coalition victories and one solo, and that my rank was 86 or one or two levels higher

  • Wait, TMC is short form of Trinamool Congress

  • More Speed Games

    Nobodyx2 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    for me, 4x is too fast, regardless of the fact that I was second as Nationalist China in an All Countries All In. 2x speed seems better, and add it in HWW

  • CoW Forum Personality Types

    Nobodyx2 - - General Discussions


    To put it bluntly this forum became the center of global politics

  • What about you, arrogant dude