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  • yeah it's sad really and i honestly thought more people would try to push this topic. Seems like it should be the most important topic in these forums. Again I love to play this game against skilled players and continue to learn from every encounter/game BUT I do not have the money or desire to continue getting steamrolled by players who have not taken the time to learn how to actually play this game and just know where to find the deposit page and gold button. The creators have spent more time …

  • Just give us the option to play games without gold! We don't care about winning gold at the end, boaster cards or these stupid deployable units! All of these things are just a ploy to get people to spend more money! We just want to put our skill up against players that play without the crutch of gold and use their skill to win games. I'm sure there our a lot of players here that do not want to buy their wins!

  • I suppose more people care about demolishing a building then seeing this game turn into who has the bigger wallet..........sad really

  • Not everyone has the kind of money to dump on a game! We love the strategy of this game and fighting a player who also loves the strategy. When fighting someone who just clicks the gold button over and over again no amount of skill can beat this type of play. What are we suppose to do spend money that we do not have to compete? Where is the strategy in this???

  • I don't know if this is the right place to post this but let's give it a go! I know the Bytro team WILL NOT do anything about this because all they care about is how much money they get from these shameless golders! I have been playing this game since 2018, I consider myself to be a veteran of this game. I have seen this great game go through many different stages. I play in a very competitive alliance who DO NOT use gold to buy our wins. We have all taken a long time to learn how to play this g…